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Data Management
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Time to take GDPR seriously

If you are a business manager in a European company that holds personal customer data, or one that holds data on European customers, it’s time to start sitting up and taking notice. GDPR is here, and you really can’t afford to ignore it any longer. GDPR—or General Data Protection Regulation,

Customer Intelligence
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Is loyalty dead?

The world around us is changing - and it is changing fast. In 1958, Companies lasted on average 61 years. In 2012, companies' lifespans average only 18! Because of digitalization impacting almost every part of our lives, these changes are also happening at an exponential rate. At the Wednesday Relations Loyalty

Fraud & Security Intelligence | Internet of Things
Lars Houge 0
The unsung business case of analytics: Outcomes and budget optimization

Budgets, and the importance of balancing the books, are an ever-present issue in healthcare. With costs rising around the world, and budgets limited whether in insurance- or state-funded systems, care providers are under increased pressure to manage costs effectively. Big data analytics may just provide the means that they have

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