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What do they call Santa in other countries?

With the Christmas holiday approaching, I got to wondering what they call Santa in other countries. Of course, some countries don't celebrate Christmas - but most countries at least have some sort of "winter holiday," and most also have some tradition of gift-giving. So, I guess the better question might

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Little things go a long way

In my previous post, I described a new options to control the widths of the caps for Whiskers, Error and Limit bars.  This topic could have been titled "Little things go a long way", as such details really make for a good graph. In a similar manner, another detail issue

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¿Cómo subirse a la tendencia de la economía analítica?

La economía analítica es una tendencia que evoluciona los procesos de transformación digital. De hecho, como parte de la agenda de países desarrollados en la que las organizaciones privadas y entidades públicas se diferencian, hace más eficientes sus labores y ayuda a alcanzar nuevos niveles de éxito con una combinación

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SAS Analytics Zertifikat für weitere 51 Studenten in der Schweiz

SAS Applied Business Analytics - Im Rahmen ihrer Ausbildung zum Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik erhielten dieses Jahr weitere 51 Studenten an der SML der ZHAW (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften) das begehrte Zertifikat SAS Applied Business Analytics. Dieses wird von SAS an Studenten vergeben, welche einen umfassenden Anforderungskatalog an Aufgaben – unter anderem

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Spark table

In the previous post, I discussed creating a 2D grid of spark lines by Year and Claim Type.  This graph was presented in the SESUG conference held last week on SAS campus in the paper ""Methods for creating Sparklines using SAS" by Rick Andrews.  This grid of sparklines was actually the

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Spark grid

The 25th annual SESUG conference was held at in the SAS campus this week.  I had the opportunity to meet and chat with many users and attend many excellent presentations.  I will write about those that stood out (graphically) in my view. One excellent presentation was on "Methods for creating

Data Visualization | Learn SAS | Programming Tips
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Long category values

The South East SAS Users Group meeting wound up yesterday.  The 25th anniversary conference was held on SAS Campus and it provided a great opportunity to meet with many enthusiastic SAS users and attend many informative presentations.  More on this in a follow-up article. During one of these presentations, Mary

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