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Protecting your intellectual property in the brave new world of AI and machine learning

AI innovations range from unique modelling techniques and computer vision efforts to medical diagnostic tools and self-driving cars. Within that wide range of technology, what should you consider patenting? Which of your discoveries are true intellectual property that necessitate protection? A little thought upfront could help you to know what

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Wayne Thompson 0
Why you should add statistical learning to your machine learning tool kit

Data scientists naturally use a lot of machine learning algorithms, which work well for detecting patterns, automating simple tasks, generalizing responses and other data heavy tasks. As a subfield of computer science, machine learning evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. Over time, machine learning has borrowed from many

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Sophia Rowland 0
SAS and R Integration for Machine Learning

SAS Viya is a cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine which allows for rapid analytics insights. Viya utilizes the SAS Cloud Analytics Services (CAS) to perform various actions and tasks. Best of all, CAS is accessible from various interfaces including R. In this blog, I will go through a few blocks one of my notebooks, which moves through an analytics workflow using R and SAS.

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Policías y ladrones: la inteligencia artificial contra el delito

Por Juan Sebastián Niño Customer Advisory Analytics SAS Colombia En Colombia, y probablemente en toda América Latina, existe un juego para niños llamado Policías y ladrones. Dentro del juego, un grupo de niños son los ladrones y el otro grupo son los policías. Mientras que los ladrones deben correr a

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