Albert Qian
Product Marketing Manager

Albert Qian is a Product Marketing Manager focused on technology partnerships at SAS Institute, focusing on the value of integration for uncovering business insights and decision-making. Located in Silicon Valley, Albert has been around technology his entire life and enjoys telling the story of its transformative power in all aspects of life.

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SAS Decision Builder in Microsoft Fabric: Helping you translate insights into action

SAS Decision Builder is a decision intelligence solution, which means that it uses machine learning and automation to augment human decision-making for better and faster insights that drive tactical and strategic business decisions. It’s a cousin to business intelligence and the next step after data engineering and model training, completing the analytics lifecycle to help achieve business goals.

Artificial Intelligence
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3 approaches to strengthening your social benefits program

Social benefits are crucial government services, especially during downturns, helping families navigate uncertainty and survive. Today, citizens interact with government services online, from applying for benefits to making appointments. This was particularly beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing services to remain accessible while maintaining social distance. However, going digital also

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How to become more operationally efficient with decision trees and large language models

The ability of an organization to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately is crucial. Organizations across various industries rely heavily on advanced technologies to navigate complex data and enhance customer experiences. Decision trees and large language models (LLMs) are two technologies that play pivotal roles in empowering organizations to make

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How SAS and Microsoft are using the power of partners to protect data in the cloud

Humanity collectively creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, presenting incredible opportunities for organizations—especially those who collect it in the cloud. Cloud-based data offers excellent insights for organizations, including a meaningful look at customer needs and operational improvements. However, these benefits come with risks, especially regarding security. According to IBM