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La analítica, al servicio de la salud, mejora la calidad de vida de las personas

Médicos y Biólogos dedicados a la exploración científica han usado técnicas tradicionales de recolección de datos cuando implementan pruebas de ensayo en sus investigaciones, esto les ha permitido llegar a conclusiones que pueden, después de un proceso, convertirse en productos o procedimientos médicos que preserven la vida de miles de

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How to monetize connected vehicles with analytics and mobility services

For the last two years, I’ve spent time listening to and brainstorming with automakers, their suppliers and other technology companies about how to monetize connected vehicle data. This involves: Data that’s offloaded from a roving vehicle fleet (cars, trains, semi-trucks, farm tractors, you name it!). Data coming from driving-related mobile apps used

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Puntare sulla customer experience per fidelizzare i clienti

Una customer experience personalizzata in real-time è fattore trainante per le revenue. Per questo motivo, la maggior parte delle aziende sta cercando di raggiungere questo risultato. Fornire un’eccellente customer experience (CX) non è una novità assoluta; è sempre stata la base più affidabile del business. La vera novità è rappresentata

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Customer Intelligence 360: The digital shapeshifter of recommendation systems

If you’ve ever used Amazon or Netflix, you’ve experienced the value of recommendation systems firsthand. These sophisticated systems identify recommendations autonomously for individual users based on past purchases and searches, as well as other behaviors. Customers get algorithmic recommendations on additional offerings that are intended to be relevant, valued, and

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Customers are no longer loyal to brands, but to the best customer experience they can get 

Conveying an individualized customer experience in real-time drives income today. Be that as it may, most organizations are attempting to get this right. As everybody knows, giving extraordinary customer experience (CX) is not an absolute novelty; it has dependably been the bedrock of business. What is new is that the

Customer Intelligence
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Richtige Kfz-Versicherung oder nicht …? Das zeigt sich erst, wenn was passiert

Autounfall und positives Kundenerlebnis? Wie passt das denn zusammen? Vor einigen Monaten ist es dann doch passiert: einmal unaufmerksam gewesen und Auffahrunfall in der Stadt verursacht. So ein Mist! Nicht wirklich schlimm – nur ein bisschen Blechschaden, aber super ärgerlich … Nachdem das Auto abgeschleppt und der erste Ärger verflogen

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Using analytics to determine best paths in customer journeys

The outbound marketing landscape, especially in the retail industry, is a challenging one. Customers are receiving multiple communications from multiple businesses, and for marketers it’s sometimes hard to understand which activity is driving results. Many retailers have a complex multichannel strategy of internet, email, direct mail, telemarketing, and catalogues. These

Customer Intelligence
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How do you #RealTimeWithSAS?

The concept of real-time customer experiences has been around for a while. However, the ability to deliver real-time customer experiences had been limited until recently. Real-time experiences are progressively and significantly influencing today’s customer journeys. Tomorrow, successful customer journeys will not happen at all without them. What is the meaning

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