In a world where MarTech complexity is skyrocketing, utilization has declined sharply and the integration of data and technology are a marketer’s biggest tech challenges, CMOs are under pressure to prove marketing ROI.

However, the combination of SAS and the Snowflake Data Cloud presents a value proposition that is hard to overlook.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is an industry-leading, omnichannel marketing solution with a unique hybrid data architecture and embedded customer data platform (CDP), streaming data capabilities, digital event detection, real-time identity management and unparalleled AI-powered personalization.

Snowflake enables every organization to mobilize their data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Use the Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, power data applications, and execute diverse AI/ML and analytics workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies.

When you combine SAS Customer Intelligence 360 with Snowflake, you can safeguard privacy and keep the data where you want it – in the Snowflake platform. SAS’ hybrid architecture enables seamless access to data residing in Snowflake as well as the ability to easily stream data directly into Snowflake. From there, marketers can amplify the value of real-time customer data, personalize experiences, influence behaviors across the customer life cycle – and provide the right message at the right time, every time.

SAS and Snowflake provide a flexible, scalable, composable CDP solution that can fit the needs of marketers of all maturity levels.

Why is SAS® composability important?

Composability incorporates two distinct areas: data architecture and capability modularity.

Data architecture

First, let’s look at the data architecture. Traditional packaged CDPs require that all customer data is “lifted and shifted” into the CDP before it can be used. Replicating all the data from Snowflake into a CDP is costly, time-consuming and increases marketing’s reliance on IT – and negates a company’s ability to capitalize on their existing Snowflake investment. Marketers must rely on IT for any new data movement into the CDP – which lengthens the time to journey creation – not a good thing in a world where customers have real-time expectations.

SAS eliminates this data problem by enabling marketers to activate their data from Snowflake without having to move it all into a separate CDP data infrastructure. The cost, governance and time-to-value difficulties that marketers experience with a traditional CDP are non-issues when using SAS and Snowflake together. Marketers can activate journeys faster and realize greater ROI by using SAS Customer Intelligence 360 to activate their customer data in Snowflake.

Capability modularity

Capability modularity is another composability factor where using SAS provides marketers with an advantage. Feature overlap is a growing problem in the MarTech space because vendors – particularly those that grow capability sets by acquisition – often end up with duplicate capabilities across their product listings. So marketers who need only a subset of the total capabilities offered end up paying for ones they already have or don’t need – driving up the cost of ownership, contributing to the declining MarTech capability utilization problem and negatively affecting technical agility.

With SAS Customer Intelligence 360 you pay only for the data from Snowflake that you want to activate, the foundational components that you use, and the activation channels in which you want to deliver interactions. This results in higher utilization across your MarTech applications, improved cost of ownership and better technical agility.

Figure 1: How SAS and Snowflake work together

Four benefits from using the power combo of SAS® and Snowflake

Target audiences with precision, simplicity and control

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 allows marketers to build segments and develop audiences on the customer data where it resides – in Snowflake. A simple and intuitive UI makes it easy to define the audiences in Snowflake, and upload those audiences and associated customer attributes to SAS Customer Intelligence 360 with the push of a button to activate the data. No SQL or data science skills are needed, so it’s faster to activate and orchestrate journeys.

Elevate segmentation to a whole new level

Data scientists and marketers with advanced analytical skills can use the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 advanced segmentation engine to run powerful analytics and perform advanced table joins to create highly targeted segments directly in Snowflake. Direct marketing activities designed in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 can be executed within Snowflake – taking advantage of advanced analytics that provides better segmentation and a deeper understanding of audiences – all without having to move the processing or the data out of Snowflake.

Stream digital events for a speedy real-time view

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 functions as an enterprise data collection mechanism, capturing granular contextualized customer-level information on user behavior from first-party digital properties such as pages, screens, field interactions and user-defined digital events. Using a prebuilt connector framework, this digital behavior can be streamed into Snowflake in real time and integrated with existing customer data. This ensures a complete view of the customer that is the very latest available, enabling real-time analysis, visualization and consumption within Snowflake.

Enhance outcomes and share results across the organization

All identity resolution, customer engagement, activity and campaign results generated within SAS Customer Intelligence 360 can be easily delivered back into Snowflake. Marketers and data scientists can see results, perform more detailed analytics, tweak segments and audiences and make that data widely available across the organization.

Learn more about how SAS Customer Intelligence 360 delivers a modern, multichannel marketing hub.


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