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Mourir peut attendre… No time to die

Data, IA et transformation numérique pour l'Industrie du Futur. Fini de jouer ! Sans une approche industrielle c'est  "No future" ! Les diamants sont éternels… KHEPRI, divinité mythologique de l’Égypte ancienne symbolisant la renaissance matinale du soleil, aurait inspiré le logo d’une marque automobile centenaire, véhicule de fonction culte d’un célèbre agent

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Is data cited in the news accurate? It depends on how it was collected.

Editor's note: This blog post is the third in a series of posts, originally published here by our partner News Literacy Project, exploring the role of data in understanding our world. As discussed in previous posts, statistics and visual representations of data can be misleading. But what happens when the data itself is misleading? And if data

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Intransitive dice

Most games of skill are transitive. If Player A wins against Player B and Player B wins against Player C, then you expect Player A to win against Player C, should they play. Because of this, you can rank the players: A > B > C Interestingly, not all games

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Pensamiento analítico y capacidad de innovar, las principales habilidades que se requieren para poder trabajar en 2025

Recientemente, fueron publicados los resultados del Informe sobre el Futuro de los Empleos del Foro Económico Mundial, el cual no solo traza el mapa de lo que serán los empleos y las habilidades del futuro, sino que tiene en consideración el impacto que producirá en la forma de trabajar en la

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3 ways data can help homeless youth 

What comes to mind when you think of a “homeless person”? Chances are, you’ll picture an adult, probably male, dirty, likely with some health conditions, including a mental illness. Few of us would immediately recall homeless individuals as family members, neighbors, co-workers and other loved ones. Fewer still are likely aware of how many youths (both minors and young adults) experience homelessness annually.  Homeless youth is a population who can

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Decile plots in SAS

I previously showed how to create a decile calibration plot for a logistic regression model in SAS. A decile calibration plot (or "decile plot," for short) is used in some fields to visualize agreement between the data and a regression model. It can be used to diagnose an incorrectly specified

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What do identity thieves covet the most?

Recently nine pharmacists from across the country were charged for their part in a $12.1M health care fraud scheme. The pharmacists allegedly took money for prescription medications that were neither purchased nor dispensed. The indictments further allege that the defendants billed Medicare and Medicaid for medications that were often medically unnecessary and for some medications that were purportedly dispensed to

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How we’re reimagining data access on the cloud

You look to the cloud for several reasons – to meet your cloud-first strategy, for scalability or to adapt quickly to changing business demands. Maybe all three.   Perhaps you need offerings to be available in various regions, or to reduce application response time and improve latency problems. Perhaps regulatory and compliance constraints are limiting (or mandating) the physical locations where your data can be stored and transmitted. This is why having a global data footprint is

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디지털 시대의 새로운 사기위험에 대응하는 시스템과 운영전략

고객은 금융기관이 개인 정보를 안전하게 관리하면서도 거래지연 없는 쉽고 빠른 서비스를 제공 해주기를 원합니다. 따라서 디지털 시대의 금융기관은 보다 빠르고 편리한 서비스를 보다 안전하게 제공하기 위해 실시간으로 위험거래를 탐지할 수 있는 시스템과 위기상황에 신속히 대응할 수 있는 정책이 준비되어야 합니다. 편리함이 가져온 새로운 위험요소 디지털화는 속도와 편리성이 높아 24시간 언제든

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COVID opens door to pervasive healthcare fraud

It's easy to get distracted by new developments in the fight against healthcare fraud. New services. New providers. Relaxation of rules. The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly revolutionized the healthcare landscape. For instance, the government made sweeping regulatory changes to accommodate a surge in patients. Healthcare delivery and payment organizations, commercial

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Fighting bribery and corruption with supplier integrity

Bribery and corruption continue to plague governments and organizations around the world. Brazil’s Operation Car Wash, the 1MDB scandal in Malaysia, the FIFA bribery case and many others continue to make headlines. The prevalence of widespread, coordinated corruption and bribery is alarming and seems to continue to grow, despite ongoing sanctions and fines meant to deter these

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“El learning analytics ayudará a reducir las tasas de fracaso escolar y a potenciar el rendimiento de los alumnos”

La aplicación de la tecnología al entorno educativo ha ampliado de forma considerable las posibilidades en cuanto a canales y métodos de aprendizaje. Precisamente, en los últimos meses, en los que la educación online ha alcanzado niveles inimaginables hasta el momento, ha surgido un aumento del interés en disciplinas como

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Adding insult to injury: Workplace safety and fraud

If a cinderblock falls from the 4th floor of a building and crushes a construction worker’s foot, it’s terrible. If it lands on his head, it’s truly tragic. But the difference is sheer luck.  Every employee deserves to return home safely from work. Unfortunately, accidents happen, which is why employers must carry mandatory workers’ compensation

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Eureko Sigorta Data Studio Lideri Özlem Odar: “Veri ve analitik projelerin çevik yöntemlerle uygulanmasını ve hızlı sonuçlar üretilmesini amaçlıyoruz”

Sanal etkinliğimiz Beyond Tomorrow öncesinde Eureko Sigorta’nın Data Studio Lideri Özlem Odar ile görüşme imkanı buldum. Hepimizin bildiği gibi Türkiye'nin öncü sigorta firmaları arasında yer alan Eureko Sigorta, hasar yönetimi ve risk değerlendirme konusundaki uzmanlığı ile alanında lider konumda olan uluslararası bir yapıya sahip. Avrupa'nın 6 ülkesinde 22.000 çalışanıyla dünyanın

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