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Series plot with varying attributes

This article is motivated by a recent question on the SAS Communities board.  This user wants to create a series or spline plot where the attributes of the line (color, thickness) can be changed based on another variable. In this case it may be a binary variable with "0" and

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HBar with Data Labels

A common request on the communities page is to place data labels on horizontal bar charts.  Often users want to display stacked horizontal bar charts, with the values displayed for each segment and the overall value of the bar itself as shown in the example below. In this example, the

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La analítica, al servicio de la salud, mejora la calidad de vida de las personas

Médicos y Biólogos dedicados a la exploración científica han usado técnicas tradicionales de recolección de datos cuando implementan pruebas de ensayo en sus investigaciones, esto les ha permitido llegar a conclusiones que pueden, después de un proceso, convertirse en productos o procedimientos médicos que preserven la vida de miles de

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Del Blockchain, el Bitcoin y las Petromonedas a la Analítica de SAS

No cabe duda que la tecnología Blockchain está llamada a ser una de las grandes revoluciones en el mundo en los próximos años. Se ha llegado a afirmar que hará por las transacciones lo que internet ha hecho por la información y las comunicaciones; va a cambiar definitivamente la forma

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Long category values

The South East SAS Users Group meeting wound up yesterday.  The 25th anniversary conference was held on SAS Campus and it provided a great opportunity to meet with many enthusiastic SAS users and attend many informative presentations.  More on this in a follow-up article. During one of these presentations, Mary

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Legend order redux

Once in a while you run into a pesky situation that is hard to overcome without resorting to major surgery.  Such a situation occurs when you have a stacked bar chart with a discrete legend positioned vertically on the side of the graph.  A simple example is shown below. title

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Tips and tricks: Segmented discrete axis

The previous post on Multiple Blank Categories showed how to include multiple blank categories on the axis.  But, given the purpose for this was to separate different segments in the data, I also included ideas on how to segmented a discrete axis using reference lines or Block Plot.  A similar idea

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Tips and tricks - Multiple blank categories on axis

Off and on, users have expressed the need to include multiple blank categories on a discrete axis.  Often, this is desirable to separate groups of bars (or categories) in a graph due to some difference their definition.  Such a case was discussed in this blog article on using non breaking

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New Features in SAS 9.40M5 - Gradient fills

ODS Graphics procedures primarily strive towards the following goal:  "Make simple graphs easy and complex graphs possible".   SGPLOT procedure allows you create simple graphs with a single plot statement, and create complex graphs by layering together or combining multiple plot statements.  Generally, the appearance follows the guidelines set by industry

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New features with SAS 9.40 M5

SAS 9.4 maintenance release 5 was released on Sept 19, 2017.  This release includes many new items including integration with SAS Viya and SAS Studio, a web application for SAS development.  Also Included with this release are some cool new features in the graphics domain, some of which were requested

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Getting started with SGPLOT - Part 8 - Horizontal HighLow Plot

On a recent visit to an In-House Users Group meeting at a Pharmaceutical company, I presented a 1/2 day seminar on creating Clinical Graphs using SG Procedures.  Polling the audience for their experience with these procedures indicated that many SAS users are not familiar with these new ways to create graphs. So,

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Bei DS-GVO „Auf-Sicht“-Fahren? Besser nicht!

Die EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung kommt näher – ausweichen oder draufhalten? In den letzten Wochen hatte ich die tolle Gelegenheit mit zahlreichen Kunden und Partnern über die neue EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DS-GVO) zu sprechen. Die Meinungen und Erwartungen sind dabei wirklich außerordentlich breit gefächert. Das ist nicht weiter verwunderlich, denn das Thema hat zuletzt stark an

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Bots, collusion and accountability in pricing

In the recent article, “Price-bots can collude against consumers,” the Economist discusses the consumer effects of prices set by price-bots. The article starts with an example of gasoline pricing strategies on Martha’s Vineyard. With a small number of gas stations on the island, the price-bots can cover all competitor prices frequently

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Category highlighting

When presenting information in form of a graph we show the data and let the reader draw the inferences.  However, often one may want to draw the attention of the reader towards some aspect of the graph or data.  For one such case, a user asked how to highlight one

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Is intelligent content on the web the answer to mass content blocking?

As the internet grew in popularity, the marketing industry was quick to see that it had become an important channel for reaching out to potential customers. Websites increasingly began to host ads that were often unconnected with the site content. Advertising content became more widespread and unfortunately, also often obtrusive.

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Auf und ab wie im Paternoster - aktuelle Trends in Samt und Seide von der KSFE in Krefeld

Auf der diesjährigen KSFE (Konferenz für SAS Anwender in Forschung und Entwicklung) gab es wieder viele überraschende Entdeckungen zu machen: Zunächst lernten die von außerhalb anreisten Teilnehmer, dass Krefeld die „Samt- und Seidenmetropole“ Deutschlands war. In ihrer Blütezeit vor dem Strukturwandel der Jahrtausendwende wurden dort 90 % aller in Deutschland gefertigten

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Get in control of EU Data Protection regulation

Whether you work with IT, compliance or at C-level, you would have heard of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation by now. With the compliance deadline of May 2018 fast approaching, hopefully, you have already started taking necessary steps to prevent your company from incurring massive fines. How do

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Getting Started with SGPLOT - Part 4 - Series Plot

This is the 4th installment of the Getting Started series.  The audience is the user who is new to the SG Procedures.  Experienced users may also find some useful nuggets of information here. Series plots are frequently used to visualize a numeric response on the y-axis by another numeric variable on

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Data Scientists im Gesundheitswesen – Chancen im morbiditätsorientierten Risikostrukturausgleich

Seit 2009 sollen der Gesundheitsfonds und der morbiditätsorientierte Risikostrukturausgleich in der deutschen gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung (GKV) für eine ausgewogenere Verteilung der Einnahmen bei den Kassen sorgen. Ziel ist ein sozialer Ausgleich für unterschiedliche Einkommensstruktur und Krankheitslasten bei den Mitgliedern. Über einen sehr interessanten Nebeneffekt, den dieses regulatorische System ungewollt ausgelöst hat,

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Why fact-based CMOs outperform their peers

At a time when ‘fake news’ has acquired its own presence on Wikipedia, it is worth reflecting a little on something more fundamental - the difference between facts and opinions. One of the most critical points to keep in mind when reviewing a plan, or a performance report, is to

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Obtener un proyecto exitoso basado en la analítica y gestión de la información

¿Cómo alcanzar el éxito empresarial basándose en la analítica y gestión información? Esta es una pregunta que resulta común en las compañías cuando se está considerando la adquisición de algún servicio de Business Intelligence, y la pregunta puede responderse planteando una nueva interrogante ¿cómo podría usted o su equipo tomar acertadas

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¿Su empresa está lista para enfrentar la ola de tendencias tecnológicas e informativas que traerá el 2017?

A la par de las metas empresariales que cada compañía se haya trazado para  2017,  como la expansión a diversos territorios, conquista de nuevos mercados, amplificación de líneas de negocio, entre otras, es importante que los directivos estén preparados para enfrentar los cambios que el sector empresarial prevé. Sin importar

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Conozca las ventajas del análisis de la demanda en tiempo real

Contar con un inventario eficiente, que se ajuste a las necesidades de los clientes y prevea las preferencias de compra que tienen los consumidores incluso en tiempo real, pareciera un desafío complejo de resolver, sin embargo, se trata de una oportunidad al alcance de las organizaciones. Un área clave en

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