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Handling heartburn

Heartburn is the most common gastrointestinal symptom affecting more than ⅔ of the US population, but we’ve all likely had heartburn at some point. Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s), drugs typically prescribed for heartburn symptoms (they reduce the acid production in your stomach), are among the top 10 most prescribed medications.

Programming Tips
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Two macros for detecting data errors

Last year, I wrote a blog demonstrating how to use the %Auto_Outliers macro to automatically identify possible data errors. This blog demonstrates a different approach—one that is useful for variables for which you can identify reasonable ranges of values for each variable. For example, you would not expect resting heart

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Can demand planning save your supply chain? Find out with this free trial

The past 20 months of disruptions caused by COVID-19 have been a wake-up call for retailers and consumer goods companies. Unpredictable market trends have caused havoc with categories, brands and products making it harder to predict supply requirements. All of these changes have given rise to the need for consumption

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Why hack? 10 reasons why the SAS Hackathon is more than a competition

In a hackathon, teams of participants collaborate and compete to find the best solutions to a business or humanitarian challenge using technology. But unlike many traditional hackathons where participants meet in person for a couple of days, the SAS Hackathon is all-digital and lasts for a month. Prior to the

Customer Intelligence
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The transformation of customer relationships in the insurance industry

The relationship between insurance companies and their clients has always been tricky due to several factors. But just like any other sector today, insurance organizations are transforming with digital technologies – and these solutions are customer-centric. What’s in store for customer relationships in the insurance industry? Keep on reading to

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Transforming public sector customer experience with composite AI

Introduction In an era of high connectivity and instant gratification, the expectations of customer experience have never been higher. Customers do not simply want but rather expect accessible and responsive communication across a variety of channels. And for organisations, the risks have never been higher. Disgruntled users now have the

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Summarizing data

Because it is near the end of the year, I thought a blog about "Summarizing" data might be in order. For these examples, I am going to use a simulated data set called Drug_Study, containing some categorical and numerical variables. For those interested readers, the SAS code that I used

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