Work & Life at SAS
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Our Storytellers: Tom La

At SAS, where you start doesn’t have to be where you end, and opportunity for internal mobility abounds. Perhaps no one can attest to this more than Tom La! Meet Tom Tom has reinvented his career time and time again, touching nearly every part of the customer and product lifecycle

Analytics | Cloud
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How to overcome obstacles in moving to the cloud

As today’s analytics landscape evolves with impressive velocity, organizations are hungry for solutions to eliminate barriers to moving to the cloud. While the arguments for digital transformation are clear, many organizations hesitate to take the final step and migrate their businesses. It’s not hard to find supporting evidence on the

Customer Intelligence
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Assessing classifier performance based on a profit matrix in SAS Viya

The ultimate objective of a churn model is preventing churn by making a retention offer. To determine reasonable values for profit and loss information, consider the outcomes and the actions that you would take given knowledge of these outcomes. For example, the marketing department of a telecommunications company wants to offer a discount to people who are no longer on a fixed-term contract. To prevent churn, the company is willing to make an offer in exchange for a one-year contract extension.

Analytics | Customer Intelligence
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Jak analityka wspiera telekomy w obszarze personalizacji relacji z klientami?

W poprzednim artykule wspominałem, że niezbędnym elementem koncepcji hiper-personalizacji komunikacji z klientami jest analityka. Gdy umiemy już zbierać i identyfikować kluczowe wydarzenia w życiu klienta, a także mamy gotowe repozytorium reakcji na te sygnały, potrzebujemy mechanizmu, który podejmie decyzję komu, kiedy i jaką ofertę zakomunikować, w jaki sposób i w

Learn SAS | Programming Tips
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Simulate poker hands in SAS

A SAS programmer was trying to simulate poker hands. He was having difficulty because the sampling scheme for simulating card games requires that you sample without replacement for each hand. In statistics, this is called "simple random sampling." If done properly, it is straightforward to simulate poker hands in SAS.

Advanced Analytics | Data Management | Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Law enforcement needs text analytics on the case to overcome massive data analysis challenge

Imagine trying to dig a useful bit of information out of 50,000 lines of a chat log? Now, imagine if that needle in the haystack was the difference in a criminal being arrested or staying at-large? Thousands of lines of confusing and unreadable chat text are more and more frequently

Advanced Analytics
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3 benefits of bringing enterprise-level AI to small and medium-sized businesses

From rising operating costs to wage inflation, business leaders are facing challenges on an unprecedented scale. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, this is driving the need for more in-depth data gathering, understanding and insight generation to inform smarter decision making and identify cost-saving opportunities. Some might remember

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