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Five considerations for your cloud-first strategy

Across all industries, organizations are adopting a cloud-first strategy. What does it mean to be cloud-first? Broadly speaking, cloud first means using shared infrastructure instead of building and hosting your own private storage facility, systems, etc. Benefits of adopting a cloud-first strategy include cost savings and productivity improvements. However, what

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My personal impact of AI

Artificial intelligence has great potential to improve the lives of so many people, especially in the health sector. In Holland, for example, the Amsterdam Medical Center uses computer vision to process patient data, and particularly images. With SAS’ help, it is moving closer to a position where it can deliver

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Automated AI and segmentation [Part 2]

In part one of this blog series, we introduced the automation of AI (i.e., artificial intelligence) as a multifaceted and evolving topic for marketing and segmentation. After a discussion on maximizing the potential of a brand's first-party data, a machine learning method incorporating natural language explanations was provided in the context

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