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Understanding AI governance

AI governance is an all-encompassing strategy that establishes oversight, ensures compliance and develops consistent operations and infrastructure within an organization. It also fosters an human-centric culture.   This strategy includes specific governance domains such as data governance and model governance, necessary for a unified AI approach. Why AI governance matters  The

Artificial Intelligence | Data Management
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Can your organization’s technology handle the power of GenAI?

In a previous blog post, we discussed how generative AI (GenAI) is experiencing unprecedented popularity, with organizations across various industries eager to unlock its immense potential.  We also highlighted potential use cases organizations must identify to unlock GenAI's full potential with credit customer journeys. These can include using chatbots for

Analytics | Artificial Intelligence
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Time for government agencies to embed data and AI into environmental compliance

Government employees charged with monitoring environmental compliance face a downpour of information, wading through countless reports and stacks of paperwork to accomplish their mission. To help these dedicated public servants increase productivity, agencies should consider a broader set of tools to control pollution, enforce regulations and improve compliance. Although foundational

Advanced Analytics | Data Visualization
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Identifying time delays in batch manufacturing for accurate anomaly detection

Batch manufacturing involves producing goods in batches rather than in a continuous stream. This approach is common in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and materials processing, where precise control over the production process is essential to ensure product quality and consistency. One critical aspect of batch manufacturing is the need to manage and understand inherent time delays that occur at various stages of the process.

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence
3 ways generative AI can assist in criminal investigations

Across the world, investigators and law enforcement officers are tackling a rapidly evolving and expanding workload fueled by an increase in complex modern-day crimes. As technology alters the type and methodology of the crime itself – the evasion of tax payments, theft of public funds, erroneous disbursement of benefits, gaming

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