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Drillable Titles and Footnotes

Tool tip and drill-down functionality is commonly used to explore plot data in a graph, particularly on the web. Occasionally, you might even have the need to add this drill-down functionality to your titles or footnotes, possibly to reference more details or source information. The TITLE and FOOTNOTE statements in

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Preview of Foresight (Winter 2019 issue)

This issue's preview is provided by Ralph Culver, Foresight's manuscript editor. Preview of Winter 2019 issue of Foresight The Winter 2019 issue of Foresight—number 52—kicks off with Simon Clarke’s enthusiastic review of The Little Illustrated) Book of Operational Forecasting by Dr. Steve Morlidge. Every year brings us new, inexperienced business-operations

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence
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How are AI and advanced analytics transforming health and life sciences?

The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform the way health care and therapies are delivered is tremendous. It’s not surprising that the health care and life sciences industries are being flooded with information about how these new technologies will change everything. While it’s

Analytics | Internet of Things
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How high-end fashion can benefit from better use of analytics

Fashion and analytics are not obvious partners. However, fashion is a business like any other, and like other businesses, it can benefit from understanding its customers better. Recent experience with one particular high-end fashion retailer suggests that good use of analytics, including predictive modelling, drawing on an end-to-end analytics platform,

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How SAS Visual Analytics' automated analysis takes customer care to the next level - Part 3

In the second of three posts on using automated analysis with SAS Visual Analytics, we used the automated analysis object to get a better understanding of our variable of interest, X-Sell and Up-sell Flag, and how it is influenced by other variables in our dataset. In this third and final

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