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Announcing: SAS/IIF Research Grants

The International Institute of Forecasters and SAS® announce two $10,000 grants to support research on forecasting. Per the announcement: Forecasting research has seen major changes in the theoretical ideas underpinning forecasting effectiveness over the last 30 years. However, there has been less impact on forecasting practice. We aim to put this right.

Work & Life at SAS
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Good Enough Parenting

As I sit down to write this blog, I really wish I had "the answer."  Over the last 6 months I have spoken with hundreds of parents who are exhausted, unproductive, frustrated, and hopeless about how they will ever succeed at being a good parent and a good employee while

Programming Tips
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4 ways to standardize data in SAS

A common operation in statistical data analysis is to center and scale a numerical variable. This operation is conceptually easy: you subtract the mean of the variable and divide by the variable's standard deviation. Recently, I wanted to perform a slight variation of the usual standardization: Perform a different standardization

Advanced Analytics
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Video: Image embedding using deep learning with Python (DLPy) and SAS Viya

An embedding model is a way to reduce the dimensionality of input data, such as images. Consider this to be a type of data preparation applied to image analysis. When an embedding model is used, input images are converted into low-dimensional vectors that can be more easily used by other computer vision tasks. The key to good embedding is to train the model so that similar images are converted to similar vectors.

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