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The SGPIE Procedure - Part 2

The SAS 9.4M6 software includes a new SGPIE procedure (preproduction) as introduced in the recent article - The SGPIE Procedure.  In that article, I described the basic features of the two statements supported in the procedure, the PIE and the DONUT, with some examples. It is my humble opinion that

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Does your choice of coding language matter?

I can still remember the emergence in the 1990s of Java as a universal and largely open-sourced programming language. Some observers believed it would signal the eventual demise of proprietary languages such as C, Fortran and Cobol. Current surveys, however, and there are many, confirm that plenty of people continue

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Decision management, machine learning, and digital marketing

A typical day brings countless business decisions that affect everything from profitability to customer experience. What is a reasonable price point? Which audience segments should I personalize offers for? When should I recommend specific content earlier in a customer journey? Daily decisions like these can alter the trajectory of a

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Need Weekend Plans? Code with your Kids!

If you're reading this—from your phone, tablet, PC, etc.—you know that technology makes up a huge part of our daily lives. It's ubiquitous and transcends domains. Are you a musician? Fashionista? Artist? Doctor? Lawyer? Historian? Great! They all link to some component of computer science! That means being able to code will enrich your life

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