Work & Life at SAS
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Eats @ SAS: History + Photos

At SAS, we pride ourselves on fostering a world-class work environment that energizes our people and promotes creativity and innovation. We know creativity doesn’t happen on demand and that nutritious meals are important fuel for a good workday – and for bringing people together for collaboration and community. That’s where

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Growing up quantum in an AI world

Bill Wisotsky’s interest in quantum mechanics began in graduate school more than 20 years ago. For Wisotsky, a Principal Technical Architect at SAS, it was one of those ideas that takes root in your mind and doesn’t let go. As Wisotsky’s career progressed from studying behavioral neuroscience and teaching statistics

Work & Life at SAS
Sprouting made simple

Mixing vegetables into a meal you already love is one trick that helps non-veggie lovers increase their vegetable intake. Including sprouts is another non-intimidating way to sneak in more of the benefits of veggies. Why you ask? Research estimates that broccoli and cauliflower sprouts contain 10-100 times more cancer-fighting glucoraphanin

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
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SAS Decision Builder in Microsoft Fabric: Helping you translate insights into action

SAS Decision Builder is a decision intelligence solution, which means that it uses machine learning and automation to augment human decision-making for better and faster insights that drive tactical and strategic business decisions. It’s a cousin to business intelligence and the next step after data engineering and model training, completing the analytics lifecycle to help achieve business goals.

SAS Events
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WIA spotlight: Women's voices in AI

This summer, the buzzword on everyone's lips is generative AI. From tech conferences and industry panels to mainstream media and casual conversations, AI has taken center stage, driving innovation and sparking debates about its impact on our future. One of the most exciting developments in AI is the growing impact

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3 reasons why marketers need SAS® for customer analytics

Customer analytics is becoming imperative for organizations that desire to create and provide personalized and satisfying customer experiences. To understand and anticipate customer needs, preferences and behaviors in a fast-moving marketplace, organizations must make sense of unstructured data, apply industry-specific data and analytics techniques, and optimize every customer-level decision and

Artificial Intelligence
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3 approaches to strengthening your social benefits program

Social benefits are crucial government services, especially during downturns, helping families navigate uncertainty and survive. Today, citizens interact with government services online, from applying for benefits to making appointments. This was particularly beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing services to remain accessible while maintaining social distance. However, going digital also

Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Onboarding resilience in a fraudulent world: The power of decisioning

In financial services, the onboarding journey takes on heightened significance. It’s not just about welcoming new customers—it’s about safeguarding their information, validating identity, mitigating risk, ensuring regulatory compliance, and making a great first impression. To achieve these goals, modernizing the decisioning process is crucial. In fact, decisioning lies at the

Artificial Intelligence | Risk Management
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Understanding AI governance

AI governance is an all-encompassing strategy that establishes oversight, ensures compliance and develops consistent operations and infrastructure within an organization. It also fosters a human-centric culture.   This strategy includes specific governance domains such as data governance and model governance, necessary for a unified AI approach. Why AI governance matters  The

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