Work & Life at SAS
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Intuitive Movement

What kind of movement do you hunger for? Yes, I said hunger for…what kind of movement would bring you joy? Maybe it’s a quick “snack” of restorative yoga postures, a set of barbell squats for “dessert”, or just a “side” of dancing for 5 minutes in the living room. Perhaps

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Is your demand management process stuck in the 1990s?

Demand management concepts are now over 30 years old. The first use of the term "demand management" surfaced in the commercial sector in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Before that, the focus was on a more siloed approach to demand forecasting and planning that was manual and used simple

Work & Life at SAS
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I'm Not OK

I’m not ok and that is ok.  One thing that I have learned from doing seminars on parenting with SAS employees across the globe this year is that none of us, no matter what country we live in or what language we speak, are ok.  We have moments when we

Work & Life at SAS
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Curious Colleagues: Meet Lenny Goldman  

Curious about what it’s like to work at SAS? You’re in the right place. Our people are always asking, “What if?” and pushing the boundaries of innovation, and their curiosity is at the core of our company.   Today, Lenny Goldman, Sr. Strategic Account Executive in Sales, is sharing his passion for serving our customers and how his

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A risk worth taking: Making data a company’s best friend, not its most costly mistake

Within both the business world and our personal lives, data is becoming increasingly intrinsic to everything we do. Whether it’s picking which restaurant to order from, a tailored advert or figuring out the quickest route home, data is a part of our everyday decision making. For businesses, the value of

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