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MLOps for Pirates and Snakes: The Sasctl Packages for R and Python

SAS Model Manager and the sasctl packages aim to create a seamless ModelOps and MLOps process for Python and R models. Python and R models are not second-class citizens within SAS Model Manager. SAS, Python, and R models can be easily managed using our no-code/low-code interface. This is an interface that can be extended to support a variety of use cases.

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Create a probability distribution from almost any positive function

There are dozens of common probability distributions for a continuous univariate random variable. Familiar examples include the normal, exponential, uniform, gamma, and beta distributions. Where did these distributions come from? Well, some mathematician needed a model for a stochastic process and wrote down the equation for the distribution, typically by

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Where? In a chair

If you are like me, you spend most of your day sitting.  The average adult in the US spends 8-12 hours of their day sitting.  Whether you are sitting because your work requires it or you have reduced mobility due to an injury or condition, you can improve overall fitness

Work & Life at SAS
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The Playlist

This weekend I was in the car with my son and his spouse, and they were listening to one of their new favorite bands.  When they got to a song I liked, I asked my son to add it to my playlist.  His spouse had never heard of this playlist

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