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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Model management for competitive differentiation [Part 1]

The universe of customer experiences, digital analytics, personalization and decisioning is massive. At times, it can seem as complicated and vast as the galaxy itself. With intricate subjects underneath this umbrella, you can lose direction, wander aimlessly, or feel a misleading sense of success or failure. When you lose vision,

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Celebrate Bridging the Digital Equity Gap

The world’s largest and most comprehensive social studies professional development conference is NCSS. This year's gathering of teaching professionals from across the country offers a perfect opportunity to showcase the latest FREE online social studies lessons from Curriculum Pathways. It offers 600+ free social studies tools and resources, each addressing the enhanced rigor and critical

Artificial Intelligence | Customer Intelligence
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Real-Time Scoring and Customer Behaviour Analysis Are Not New! Mrs. Cerny Applied These Methods Decades Ago

The epoch of artificial intelligence and real-time decision engines is not the first time that historical and actual behaviour of customers has been tracked and analysed. The practice of making decisions based on these findings and applying them in real time to customer interactions was already going on in the

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