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The Art of Simplicity

A cup of dark roast coffee, sunrise porch time, fresh sheets, a garden tomato, the smell of a new book, a glass of red fireside.....These are a few of my favorite things.  All so simple, yet they bring me so much joy. Henry David Thoreau author, naturalist, philosopher, was born

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A tale of two asteroids

“They were the best of asteroids, they were the worst of asteroids.” ~ Charles Dickens Armstrong There are good asteroids, and there are bad asteroids. Good asteroids stay in their own neighborhoods and wait for us to come visit them.  Bad asteroids, however, don’t wait for an invitation – they

Federica Citterio 0
What's your (computer) vision of AI?

Some people still associate artificial intelligence (AI) with robots taking over the world. There's a lot of hype around self-driving cars and personal robots. However, there are far more realistic and beneficial examples of AI in everyday life. AI is the science of training systems to emulate human tasks through

Work & Life at SAS
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Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning is a process that identifies the financial, legal, and lifetime needs for you, your family and your loved one. It doesn't end with the identification of necessary financial tools and legal documents, but also includes the action steps that you need to take to ensure a bright future

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