Work & Life at SAS
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Rhythm of Retreat

We all experience a rhythm of work and rest.  Our hearts illustrate a perfect symphony of sound and silence, effort and recovery.  So why not employee the same method into creating our own rhythm of work and rest? Many cultures incorporate formal and informal observances of rest and retreat in

Artificial Intelligence
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3 strategies for effective data anonymization for governments

The ancients’ practice of publicizing set-in-stone personal records would run anathema to modern data privacy laws. These days, in lieu of using contemporary personally identifiable records, I anonymized a 4,000-year-old tax record from ancient Babylon to describe three principles for effective data anonymization at scale: Embracing rare attributes: values and

Work & Life at SAS
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Being Water-Wise

May is the beginning of swim season as beaches, pools, water parks and splash pads begin to open, and people spend more time outdoors. May is also National Water Safety Month. This annual campaign is supported by the Pool & Hot Alliance, the American Red Cross (ARC), the National Drowning

Analytics | Data for Good | Innovation
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5 smart cities at the intersection of sustainability and technology

Urbanization is rapidly accelerating, allowing communities to grow with more access to services and technological advancements. However, this quick change in growth can present challenges as well, such as pollution and lack of infrastructure. Smart cities can support urbanization by offering innovative solutions with artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of

SAS Events
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Hot takeaways from a CTO wing slayer

As SAS Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Harris has plenty of day-to-day issues that create a hotbed of worries: keeping pace with innovation, finding and retaining top talent, technical debt, delivering on time and making sure SAS technology is ready to meet the needs of an ever-changing business landscape. So, the

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