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Resume 101: Tips + Tricks for Students

Whether you’re looking for technical or business opportunities, a strong resume will help you stand out from the crowd and make a good first impression. But resume creation is an art, not a science, and starting from scratch can feel daunting.   Never fear – our intern Program Manager, Kristen Garbarino, is here! She sees thousands of student resumes each year, so we asked for her take

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Sanitize before you share: thinking critically about COVID-19 data

Being overwhelmed by the volume of news isn’t a new phenomenon. But today, our sense of being overwhelmed has increased and triggered feelings of fear, frustration and anxiety, given the ongoing developments and research tied to COVID-19. How do we sift through the volume of information facing us and truly understand whether the news we consume is factual or based on

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Data visualization, location analytics and geospatial insights

Everything happens somewhere, and much of our customer data includes location information. Websites include x, y coordinates in semi-structured click streams, and the mobile apps your prospects depend on frequently support device location to provide a personalized, targeted experience. As my SAS peer Robby Powell said: "Human brains are hardwired

Advanced Analytics | Customer Intelligence | Data Management | Data Visualization
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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Visual analytics, sankey diagrams and customer journeys

We live in the age of data. From global warming stats to customer behavior patterns, new technologies have made it easier to collect, store, access and analyze information. But our use of these technologies has also eroded our attention spans and fueled post-truth misunderstandings. To combat these trends, the question

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