Over the past year, business leaders and technical minds have delved into the potential of generative AI (GenAI) beyond creative tasks like writing fun poems or generating silly images.

We’ve been part of these conversations, actively exploring how GenAI can be used to help organizations manage their data, derive insights and act.

This led to the development of Viya® Copilot, a personal assistant that helps with everything from administrative analytics tasks to solving industry-specific business problems. It could change how data professionals work, helping them be more productive and streamline processes.

Here’s three challenges Viya Copilot can help you overcome.

1. Simplifies code compilation

Efficiency is crucial for organizations facing high training costs and the need for rapid progress. Viya Copilot simplifies this process by using SAS’ extensive documentation. Users can easily prompt code to get the analytics setup they need faster. This reduces training expenses and speeds up onboarding, enabling anyone in the organization to conduct analytics work.

2. Speeds up the code commenting process

Navigating through code documentation can be daunting for developers, especially when it comes to commenting. Commenting is an important part of any code documentation, aiding developers in their understanding of purpose, functionality, and structure. However, manual commenting is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to code that’s challenging to maintain and reuse. Viya Copilot addresses this challenge by providing automated code commenting capabilities. Automating the commenting process makes code more readable, maintainable and collaborative. This aids in code maintenance and reuse.

3. Creates streamlined code interpretation

Some users face challenges when it comes to translating their desired outcomes into machine-readable code, especially if they lack proficiency in writing SAS code. This gap can lead to inefficiencies and delays in the analytics process. Viya Copilot’s code interpretation capabilities address this issue. This feature streamlines the translation of user prompts into machine-readable code, eliminating the need to write complex code manually. With this, data professionals can work more efficiently, focusing on outcomes rather than getting bogged down in technical complexities.

SAS Viya Copilot is just the beginning

The launch of Viya Copilot marks an important step in our journey with generative AI solutions.

Stay tuned for updates and contact a SAS Account Executive if you’re interested in participating in our upcoming private preview program.

Generative AI: What it is and why it matters


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