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50 years of strong, intelligent women

Fifty years ago, as the women’s liberation movement was gaining momentum in the U.S., my maternal great-grandmother, Pearl, worked in a factory sewing American flags while volunteering with the Girl Scouts and caring for her grandchildren. My paternal grandmother, Greta, also worked in local factories while caring for her family.

Joost Huiskens 0
The hospital as a data-driven organisation

Like any other organisations in this day and age, hospitals and other health care providers now have access to increasingly large amounts of data. They can potentially augment electronic patient records with data from patients’ own devices: wearables, mobile phones and other gadgets. Far more hospital equipment now contains sensors,

Advanced Analytics | Machine Learning
Wayne Thompson 0
Why you should add statistical learning to your machine learning tool kit

Data scientists naturally use a lot of machine learning algorithms, which work well for detecting patterns, automating simple tasks, generalizing responses and other data heavy tasks. As a subfield of computer science, machine learning evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. Over time, machine learning has borrowed from many

Work & Life at SAS
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Our Storytellers: Andrew Magee

We’re proud of our unique company culture that spans across offices, divisions and geographies. It’s one of the reasons SAS was recently named among the top workplaces in the world by Fortune’s Great Place to Work! If you’re curious about what it is that makes SAS such a great place to work, one answer

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