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Work & Life at SAS
Alyssa Grube 0
Be a light to your community

Written by Allison Hines and Kara Roberts  During this global pandemic, we’ve seen SAS employees band together, while staying apart. We know that there’s strength in numbers, and amazing things happen when we all bring our unique skills and abilities to the table. We’re proud of the creative ways our employees are giving back, like making masks and preparing food for their communities. Keep reading

Analytics | Fraud & Security Intelligence
Carl Hammersburg 0
How analytics is helping state governments head off unemployment claims fraud

If you’re in state government, you're well aware of the unprecedented challenges that come with off-the-charts unemployment numbers due to COVID-19. Crashing websites at state unemployment insurance offices and multi-hour phone hold times for the millions of people who've lost their income due to the pandemic are only the most

Work & Life at SAS
Alyssa Grube 0
Making a difference, one mask at a time

Written by Allison Hines and Kara Roberts  Here at SAS, our culture revolves around our people. Our endless curiosity and innovative spirit help us solve our customers’ most challenging problems – but our employees’ impact is even bigger than that. There’s strength in numbers, and during this difficult time, our employees’ generosity and creative problem-solving are helping those who need it most around the world. From providing laptops to students in need,

Ashley Binder 0
50 years of strong, intelligent women

Fifty years ago, as the women’s liberation movement was gaining momentum in the U.S., my maternal great-grandmother, Pearl, worked in a factory sewing American flags while volunteering with the Girl Scouts and caring for her grandchildren. My paternal grandmother, Greta, also worked in local factories while caring for her family.

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