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Pizza pi

Happy Pi Day! Every year on March 14th (written 3/14 in the US), people in the mathematical sciences celebrate all things pi-related because 3.14 is the three-decimal approximation to π ≈ 3.14159265358979.... Pi is a mathematical constant defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference (C) to its diameter (D).

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The elliptical heart

Some hearts are famous. For example, there is the "Heart of Gold" (Neil Young), the "Heart of Glass" (Blondie), and the Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad). But have you heard of the "Heart of Ellipses"? No? Well, in 2023, Ted Conway published an amusingly titled article, "Total Ellipse of the

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Peeling a convex hull

This article looks at a geometric method for estimating the center of a multivariate point cloud. The method is known as convex-hull peeling. In two-dimensions, you can perform convex-hull peeling in SAS 9 by using the CVEXHULL function in SAS IML software. For higher dimensions, you can use the CONVEXHULL

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"Cada vez existen más asignaturas vinculadas a temas analíticos en todos los sectores”

La información certera es la base sobre la que se edifican las empresas, especialmente en un contexto en el que la preparación y la resiliencia son cada vez más importantes. Con el aumento en la cantidad de datos disponibles y la necesidad de aprovecharlos para tener mejores resultados, también hemos

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Certificazioni SAS e SAS Academic Specialization per favorire il contatto tra giovani studenti e aziende

Nel corso degli anni SAS ha costruito una solida partnership con il mondo accademico. Oggi collaboriamo con più di 40 università italiane e siamo presenti all’interno di percorsi di studio per formare giovani studenti e studentesse su temi come analytics, intelligenza artificiale e machine learning, stimolando la loro curiosità, il loro senso

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New SAS Training Course: Statistics You Need to Know for Machine Learning

Developing an accurate understanding of statistics will help you build robust machine learning models that are optimized for a given business problem. SAS launched a new course that provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of statistics that you'll need to start your data science journey. This course is also a prerequisite to many courses in the SAS data science curriculum.

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What is polychoric correlation?

Correlation is a statistic that measures the association between two variables. When two variables are positively correlated, low values of one variable tend to be associated with low values of the other variable. Medium values and high values are similarly associated. For negative correlation, the association is flipped: low values

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