Resiliency Rules

Adjusting to disruption and uncertainty has become the norm.  But something else is happening too. Amidst the supply chain challenges and environmental disruptions, organizations are finding hope in resilience.
Sometimes, even when you can't anticipate change, you can react with speed and adjust with agility. You can apply your sense of curiosity to understand what's happening.  You can instill a culture of data literacy. You can transform your perspective with ethics and responsibility. And you can innovate with analytics to accelerate change.
We studied each of these behaviors in our new Resiliency Rules research, and we're excited to share what we learned so you can become more resilient too.

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From the research


Executives believe resiliency is very or somewhat important for their companies, but only 47% view their company as very resilient.


Executives say their organization struggles to gain insights necessary to improve resiliency because they are overwhelmed by data.

Learn the 5 rules for resiliency in the age of uncertainty

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Harness the power of curiosity to drive insights that fuel innovation and impact.
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Data culture & literacy

Build a data-driven focus that instills data literacy across the entire organization.
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Equity & Responsibility

Ensure ethical standards are applied during the design, development and use of transformative technologies.
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Accelerate innovation with data and analytics.
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Speed & Agility

Adapt to changing market conditions with speed and agility.
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A business can be resilient by not getting caught by surprise, by having that curiosity beyond just what the current headlines are saying or the current challenges on everybody’s radar. It’s looking for those unexpected challenges.

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Executives cite data and analytics as critical for implementing The Resiliency Rules. Find out why in our new report. 

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