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Identifying time delays in batch manufacturing for accurate anomaly detection

Batch manufacturing involves producing goods in batches rather than in a continuous stream. This approach is common in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and materials processing, where precise control over the production process is essential to ensure product quality and consistency. One critical aspect of batch manufacturing is the need to manage and understand inherent time delays that occur at various stages of the process.

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Bringing the Innovation Hub home

Imagine stuffing a 500,000-square-foot event space into a 5,000-square-foot hallway. That was the crazy idea I had when I checked out the Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub was the center of the action at SAS Innovate in Las Vegas. Attendees saw demos of the hottest new SAS solutions, met the technical

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3 strategies for effective data anonymization for governments

The ancients’ practice of publicizing set-in-stone personal records would run anathema to modern data privacy laws. These days, in lieu of using contemporary personally identifiable records, I anonymized a 4,000-year-old tax record from ancient Babylon to describe three principles for effective data anonymization at scale: Embracing rare attributes: values and

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Balancing cloud challenges with containerization strategies

Cloud computing and containerization are two technologies that directly impact a CIO's core responsibilities: delivering IT services efficiently and effectively for the business.   Beyond their technical implications, these technologies represent a strategic shift toward meeting business needs for agility, scalability and faster innovation. Striking a balance between opportunities and

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A developer workbench: The perfect environment to build AI and machine learning models

Developers and modelers face challenges when finding and validating data, collaborating across groups, and transferring work to an enterprise platform. Using a self-service, on-demand compute environment for data analysis and machine learning models increases productivity and performance while minimizing IT support and cost. In this Q&A, Joe Madden, Senior Product

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REST API를 사용하여 ‘SAS 컨테이너 런타임’ 이미지 업데이트하기

1. ‘SAS 컨테이너 런타임’이란? SAS는 SAS Viya 2021.1.1.3에서 SAS 컨테이너 런타임(SAS Container Runtime, 이하 SCR)을 출시했으며, 그 이후 많은 고객이 운영환경에서 SCR을 구현했습니다. 이 혁신적인 런타임 엔진은 SAS 모델과 의사결정을 Open Container Initiative (OCI) 호환 컨테이너에 배포하는 역할을 합니다. SCR은 표준 기술을 사용하여 SAS Viya 외부에서 모델과 의사결정을 실행합니다. 클라우드

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A transformação MarTech: como a tecnologia irá melhorar o marketing em 2024

No ano passado, assistimos a uma revolução notável no desenvolvimento de modelos generativos de IA e na sua adoção generalizada por indivíduos e empresas. Dois exemplos claros foram o ChatGPT e o DALL-E da OpenAI que, em apenas alguns meses, conseguiram conquistar milhões de utilizadores em todo o mundo, garantindo

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