Customers are buzzing with stories of how SAS Viya has transformed how people work with AI, data and analytics.

But where are these stories coming from?

Users across various industries have shared their experiences, highlighting the impact SAS Viya has had on their productivity, decision making and overall work experience.

The recent ranking of SAS Viya as fifth among analytics products in G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards is a testament to the voices of business owners, executives, employees and more who have embraced the platform. These awards don’t just honor a product; they celebrate the real stories of people whose work lives have been changed by SAS Viya.

Behind these accolades are individuals like Daniel W., who praises SAS Viya for its flexibility in handling large-scale analytics projects.

“SAS Viya is built to handle large-scale analytics projects and gives users the flexibility to scale their analytics requirements up or down as necessary,” Daniel said.

Then there’s Tiffiany S., who marvels at the accuracy of the charts and AI-generated analytics provided by SAS Viya. It’s more than just about the data.

“The charts and AI-generated analytics are incredibly accurate. I have checked many of the things I've been given in chart/graph form, and there have been zero errors,” Tiffiany said. “Not only is the platform smart, but it's intuitive and very user-friendly! The setup was quick and easy, and the integration was flawless. Customer service is top-notch! I use this platform many times per day!”

Fellow SAS user Vinicius R. echoes this sentiment, emphasizing how the blend of advanced analytics and scalable AI of SAS Viya has made data-driven insights effortless and accessible.

“SAS Viya's unmatched blend of advanced analytics, scalable AI and seamless collaboration propels data-driven insights, elevating business intelligence effortlessly,” Vinicius said.

Where else did SAS rank among the others?

SAS Viya was regarded for its end-to-end capabilities that enable users to navigate seamlessly from data management and discovery to model development and deployment. Products and solutions like SAS Model Manager and SAS® Enterprise Miner™ are also recognized.

Categories where these products ranked include:

SAS Viya

  • 5 for analytics products
  • 11 for AI
  • 27 for IT management products

SAS Model Manager

  • 35 for AI

SAS Enterprise Miner

  • 26 for analytics products

Performance, productivity and trust is the trifecta of an undeniable AI platform value.Bryan Harris, Chief Technology Officer, SAS

Additionally, SAS Viya offers robust features encompassing data access, preparation, information cataloging, data quality management, advanced flow steps, governance, visualization, reporting, conversational AI, chatbots, statistics, machine learning, deep learning, model management and model deployment.

Want to use SAS Viya? It's accessible for free trials through SAS trials or the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. If you’re already a SAS user, you can connect with other users on SAS Communities and SAS Support.



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