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SAS Viya, 클라우드에서 빠르고 신뢰성 있는 의사결정 실현  

분석은 왜, 전사적으로 활용되지 못할까요? 최근 맥킨지 연구에 따르면 AI와 분석을 전 세계 산업 전반에 적용할 경우, 약 9조~15조 달러의 가치 창출이 가능합니다. 그런데도 오직 8%의 주요 기업만이 전사적으로 분석을 활용하고 있습니다. 무려 90% 이상의 기업이 분석을 조직의 모든 영역으로 확산하지 못하고 있는 것입니다.    조직 내 분석 확산과 관련하여 주요 관계자들은 각기 다른 고민을 안고 있습니다.  ▶IT리더는 제한된 비용으로 신기술을 적용하고 혁신을 이루어야 합니다. 한편으로는 끊임없이 개발 및 변경되는 분석 모델을

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SAS Viya Visual Data Science Decisioning free trial: The ultimate analytics experience

With the SAS Visual Data Science Decisioning (VDSD) trial, you get the ultimate analytics experience with free access to all SAS Viya analytic capabilities for 14 days. ​SAS Visual Data Science Decisioning provides the ultimate experience covering the entire analytics lifecycle – from managing data, developing models, and deploying models to take decisions.

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Parallel Processing in SAS Viya

Most computers can execute operations in parallel due to their multicore infrastructure. Performing more than one operation simultaneously has the potential to speed up most tasks and has many practical uses within the field of data science. SAS Viya offers several products that facilitate parallel task execution. Many of these

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Optimal tour of Brisbane based on a multi-modal transportation system

A few months ago, I published an article about network optimization and how to find an optimal tour when visiting multiple places of interest by using different types of transportation, like buses, trains, tram, metro, and even walking. For a real-world case, I decided to run these optimal tours in

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Automated linearization in SAS Optimization

Linear programming (LP) and mixed integer linear programming (MILP) solvers are powerful tools. Many real-world business problems, including facility location, production planning, job scheduling, and vehicle routing, naturally lead to linear optimization models. Sometimes a model that is not quite linear can be transformed to an equivalent linear model to reduce

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SAS Conversation Designer: interacting with APIs

By making requests through API calls you can expand the functionality of the bots you make with SAS Conversation Designer; allowing your bots to query external sources for up-to-date information, score a model, and many other possibilities. This is very beneficial as SAS Conversation Designer is included in many offerings of the modernized SAS Viya platform, meaning you can easily create bots that are integrated with the other services of the SAS Viya platform or third-party services.

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미국 식품의약국(FDA), SAS와 4,990만 달러(약 560억원) 계약 체결

FDA, 의약품 평가 및 연구 센터 위해 SAS 고급분석 및 AI 기술 도입 미국 식품의약국(FDA)은 SAS® Viya® 플랫폼 내 자연어 처리, 인공지능 및 머신러닝 기능 등을 기반으로 새로운 도약을 위해 SAS와 40년 파트너십을 연장하기로 했습니다. 향후 5 년간 4,990 만 달러(약 560억원)에 달하는 총괄 구매 계약(BPA)을 통해 SAS는 FDA에서 진행중인

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What makes SAS Global Forum great?

The people, the energy, the quality of the content, the demos, the networking opportunities…whew, all of these things combine to make SAS Global Forum great every year. And that is no exception this year. Preparations are in full swing for an unforgettable conference. I hope you’ve seen the notifications that

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