Synthetic data generation has intrigued across industries for its many use cases, including fraud detection, clinical trials, worker safety and law enforcement.

One of the main benefits is the low cost of creating synthetic data, which is often cheaper than collecting actual demographic, psychographic or behavior-based information. With such data, business leaders can affordably predict the future to make the right decisions.

Generative AI is a top priority for organizations in 2024 to increase efficiency, automate operational tasks and spur creativity. Among the areas of interest include synthetic data generation, where research firm Forrester expects spending to grow 36% by 2030.

At the center of this trend is our partnership with Snowflake. We’ve expanded upon our initial SAS® Viya® integration from last year when we integrated SAS Intelligent Decisioning with Snowpark Container Services. Using tools like the SAS Data Maker Snowflake Native App, organizations can unlock many benefits that directly benefit their operational efficiency and strategic decision making.

Here are three key advantages of this integration:

1. Brings together the analytic lifecycle

The modern analytic lifecycle is complex, from data management to model development to decisioning. In each step, synthetic data generation plays a part in providing data to feed the whole process, ensure proper representation of groups, develop and test models, and build and validate decisions.

The SAS Data Maker Snowflake Native App improves the AI lifecycle for customers by providing even more support for organizations to translate their insights into action. While our Intelligent Decisioning integration from 2023 provides a means to define and execute AI-driven decisions as the product of the analytics lifecycle, SAS Data Maker provides the data to fuel faster development and more accurate decision making—all necessary for staying ahead of the competition.

2. Keep your data secure with Snowflake

Data security is important, especially when dealing with sensitive information. The Snowflake Native AppFramework provides the best of multiple worlds by mitigating concerns. Users can run SAS Data Maker natively in the Snowflake platform from within end customers’ Snowflake accounts, minimizing data movement and maximizing security.

This helps users focus on using synthetic data without compromising security or agility.

3. Innovate faster with SAS and Snowflake

Combining SAS and Snowflake's capabilities helps organizations innovate at scale. SAS Data Maker simplifies data augmentation and generation, while the Snowflake Native App framework provides easy-to-use data products directly to customers. This streamlined approach eases the burden of data security, technical implementation and lengthy procurement cycles.

Ultimately, this partnership is about helping users harness the full potential of synthetic data to drive organizational success. Each of these benefits is necessary as AI grows more important in simulating, improving or executing business outcomes.

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Snowflake and SAS provide organizations with integrated products that help complete the analytics life cycle, keep data secure and accelerate innovation. Check out the SAS Data Maker Snowflake Native App, now available in the Snowflake Marketplace on private preview. Also:


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