Promise delivered: SAS Enterprise Guide integration with SAS Viya 4


During SAS Explore 2023 we announced that SAS Enterprise Guide will be enhanced to provide a bridge to SAS Viya 4. We're happy to announce that SAS Enterprise Guide 8.4 is available now! Existing SAS Enterprise Guide users can keep on using their favorite product in combination with SAS Viya 4 and its modern capabilities and architecture.

Once you've defined a connection to your SAS Viya 4 environment in SAS Enterprise Guide, you will be able to use SAS Enterprise Guide as a bridge to leverage your existing projects and code workflows as you adopt SAS Viya.

You can then also extend your projects to take advantage of exiting new SAS Viya 4 capabilities, such as embedding Python routines inside your SAS programs, and running SAS code against SAS Cloud Analytics Services to execute data and AI tasks with a new level of scalability.

Watch the recent SAS Viya Release Highlights show for short demonstration of how to connect SAS Enterprise Guide to SAS Viya and begin running programs and tasks.

You can also review the detailed steps in this article on SAS Communities.

If you're a current SAS Enterprise Guide user, you can update to the new version simply by using the Help->Check for Updates feature in the application menus. (If the auto-update feature is disabled at your site, talk to your SAS administrator to get the latest release.)

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Wilbram Hazejager

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Wilbram Hazejager is a product manager in the Data Engineering team at SAS. He has been involved in SAS’ data management products for many years in various roles, including architecture, working closely with customers, and authoring several papers on SAS data management products. He holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

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