In our ongoing series spotlighting women in tech, we delve into the motivations that drive five remarkable women leaders at SAS. From AI specialists shaping ethical discourse to HR partners fostering inclusive workplaces, these women share what inspires them. Join us as we explore their diverse backgrounds and experiences in the dynamic world of technology.

Josefin Rosen, Trustworthy AI Specialist

Josefin Rosen helps customers implement trustworthy AI solutions with SAS where ethics remain at the core. AI is everywhere and its potential and risks are gaining significant attention. Unfortunately, the discussion within media reports is often unbalanced. Rosen wants to contribute to the debate with a responsible narrative that instead fosters trust.

What inspires you?

Rosen: I love that I’m privileged enough to be surrounded by extremely talented colleagues and to work at a company that is at the forefront of trustworthy AI. These are exciting times as the development of AI is rapidly emerging. Having SAS and my colleagues at my back allows me to feel confident and proud, while helping and supporting our customers implement trustworthy AI into their systems.



Allison Ashley, Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Allison Ashley is a skilled problem-solver with a track record of coming up with creative solutions and optimizing processes. Ashley has extensive experience in the design, analysis, development, testing and management of application systems across a wide range of areas. Additionally, she easily relates to people and can build and maintain positive working relationships across organizations.

What inspires you?

Ashley: Each day I get to enjoy life with the people I love. It is a gift filled with opportunities to enjoy the moment, make an impact in people’s lives, contribute to the future, honor those who paved the way and right the past.

In addition, I get to work for a company that has given me a wonderfully diverse career over 29 years to do work that I love. Work that every day brings new challenges, new problems to solve and new things to learn. Then to top it all off I get to work with an amazing group of people across various divisions within the company locally and worldwide. They inspire me every day to bring my best self to work and explore new possibilities.


Ellen Roberson, Advisory Product Marketing Manager

Ellen Roberson has more than 35 years of experience in information technology. She helps clients capitalize on the power of analytics to combat fraud and keep the public safe. This includes bringing greater awareness of how to apply machine learning and AI to detect evolving fraud tactics, while realizing ROI in technology investments. Roberson has brought to market SAS® Intelligence and Investigation Management and a cross-industry solution focused on procurement integrity.

What inspires you?

Roberson: My biggest inspiration is the people I have met and worked with during my journey at SAS. Working here for 36 years has given me the privilege to work with some truly amazing people both outside of SAS and within the company. Having the chance to collaborate with some of the most intelligent and creative people on transformative and innovative projects inspires me regularly. This is what it means to be excited about what you do.


Naouel Slama, Solution Consultant

Naouel Slama focuses on anti-money laundering solutions as part of the consulting and delivery team in France. She helps customers migrate to SAS Anti-Money Laundering on SAS® Viya®.

What inspires you?

Slama: I see every day as an opportunity to work with a team of talented people committed to finding innovative solutions. I really enjoy problem-solving and feel excited about a job well done. Every morning, we must set clear goals and the rest of the day must be dedicated to making things better. This is why IT consulting is the perfect career for me. I am a team player, and enjoy learning new skills and experimenting with new ideas.



Ailish Jamieson, Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Ailish Jamieson has worked in HR for more than a decade, predominantly in the technology industry. In her current role she works with leaders and employees globally within platform applications, financial services and data management.

What inspires you?

Jamieson: As a child I always felt different. Being neurodivergent, I felt misunderstood and lacked self-esteem. From a young age, however, I always felt a strong sense of social justice and have always looked for ways to create a more just society. Whether that was attending protests or taking a stand on matters, that means a lot to me. A quote that stands out to me is, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” I feel that having strong morals around ethics and integrity inspires me to wake up every morning and make the world a better place.

Drawing your own inspiration

Each woman shows the passion, dedication and diversity that they bring to the forefront of the tech industry. From championing trustworthy AI to advocating for social justice, everyone's story reflects a unique journey fueled by inspiration and purpose. As we continue to celebrate and amplify the voices of women in tech, let's draw inspiration from their stories and strive to create a more inclusive and innovative future for all.

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