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+Waynette Tubbs is the Editor of the Risk Management Knowledge Exchange at SAS, Managing Editor of sascom Magazine and Editor of the SAS Tech Report. Tubbs has developed a comprehensive portfolio of strategic business and marketing communications during her career spanning 15 years of magazine, marketing and agency work.

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Chasing analytic talent

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Zappos and Pandora have changed what consumers expect from a brand – they want brands to “know” what they want before they ask for it. To provide those kinds of personalized products and services, brands have to collect and analyze huge quantities of customer and industry

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New SAS text analytics community

I'm happy to announce a new SAS text analytics community (online forum)! The community is a centralized location for everyone using SAS text analytics, including those working with Text Miner, Enterprise/Content Categorization, Sentiment Analysis and Ontology Management. Join the community to: Discuss ideas. Ask questions. Seek peer assistance. Share areas

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SAS Technical Support holiday hours

I'm on the SAS Technical Support list serve, so I get some very interesting information to pass along to you guys. Sometimes, I put the information in the SAS Tech Report -  Hot Fix and product roadmap information, executive briefings and maintanence releases - but sometimes the information needs a little broader

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Analytics 2013 Call for Papers

The first step toward a successful conference is selection of high quality papers. In the past, you have helped us with this important task and I now ask for your help to make the Analytics 2013 London conference a great success. The 4th International SAS Analytics Conference (Analytics 2013) in Europe

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7 tips for finding big data talent

SAS has long believed that demand for people with analytics skills will continue to grow - especially given the big data challenges ahead. In fact, we love the way that Google's Chief Economist Hal Varian talks about this explosion in growth:  statisticians will be sexiest job of the next decade.  This

SAS Events
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PROC ARIMA: Penetrating the matrix

Justin Smith and William “Gui” Zupko were looking at manufacturing data over time and wanted to know the minimum value in their dataset, and they wanted to pinpoint its exact location – the specific row and column. PROC ARIMA uses the ARIMA (auto-regressive integrated moving average) model or the ARMA

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