Time to propose your 2013 SAS purchase request?


IBM Global Financing offers 100 percent financing on your SAS purchase

In this economy, many companies are counting their pennies.  Those budget constraints can put a real damper on requests for the SAS products and solutions that you need for your data challenges. IBM Global Finance (IGF) – the world's largest technology financing company – can help breakdown those financial roadblocks by extending lines of credit to SAS customers almost instantaneously.

Here are three reasons you can use when positioning this deal:

  1. Zero cost to you. Financing from IGF turns a capital expense into an operating expense. With the rate buy-down program, SAS pays the financing charge, and customers pay no interest for the extent of the loan.
  2. Fast rate approval. IGF has existing relationships with most SAS customers - maybe even your company - so determining creditworthiness is quick and easy.
  3. Flexible payment plans. Your company can choose from a variety of term lengths and payment frequencies to meet their needs - maybe even sign now and defer payment until 2013.

(Financing options are available to all customers regardless of whether or not the deal includes IBM.)


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