Friday's Innovation Inspiration - A %mockery?


Yao Huang says that you can use the %mock_table SAS macro to build mock tables needed for Phase I clinical trials. "Instead of spending a lot time to create or modify each table using a word processor, statisticians or programmers can quickly run this macro using a pre-specified excel template to get the mock table they need."

Huang's poster, A SAS Macro Application to Create Mock Tables in Statistical Analysis Plans for Phase I Clinical Studies, was displayed at PharmaSUG China in July. In the paper, Huang provides an example of the macro and the mock template. Huang says that he uses the macro %mock_table and the excel sheet template to save time. Creating tables using a word processor was very time consuming and inefficient.

"The macro and excel template method can be easily modified to create mock tables in other clinical studies with similar study objectives and endpoints," writes Huang.

Read his paper for examples of the mock  template and use of %mock_table. 


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