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Narrow miss at PharmaSUG 2015 for bestseller

Bill Benjamin’s bestseller, Exchanging Data between SAS and Microsoft Excel: Tips and Techniques to Transfer and Manage Data More Efficiently, was pipped at the post as he narrowly missed the top spot to Implementing CDISC Using SAS: An End-to-End Guide, at last month’s PharmaSUG 2015 meeting in Orlando -- by one

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5 surprises from PharmaSUG 2015

I’ve had the good fortune to support the Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group as their SAS liaison for the majority of their conferences since 1996.   That’s meant a lot to me personally and professionally over the years.  I’ve developed some genuine friendships with the dedicated volunteer leaders who organize the

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PharmaSUG 2015: Transformation is a key topic

Last night over 640 SAS users from 12 countries met in Orlando for a great opening session at PharmaSUG 2015. Elizabeth Dennis from EMB Statistical Solutions and Syamala Schoemperlen from Alcon, a Novartis Company are this year’s co-chairs. They lined up a wonderful venue as well as content for the

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PharmaSUG 2015—the lucky 22 gear up to attend

Actually, luck had little to do with it. The twenty two recipients of Student Scholarship and Junior Professional Awards are attending the Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group (PharmaSUG) from May 17-20 because of their qualifications. This marks the fifth year that PharmaSUG has offered these special programs, which are funded

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SAS Books is heading to PharmaSUG

I’m headed to Orlando, May 17- 20, for the annual PharmaSUG conference. PharmaSUG is the Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group, consisting of professionals worldwide in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries who use SAS software in their work. I will be at the SAS Publications booth in the demo room and

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PharmaSUG 2014 gives back

During Opening Session at this year’s Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group (PharmaSUG) conference, attendees heard from teacher Heather Poland and two of her 14 year-old students. These special guests were representatives of Perkins K-8, a San Diego middle school classroom (7th and 8th grade) that is struggling with illiteracy. Located less

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Report from PharmaSUG 2014

Just getting back from PharmaSUG 2014 in San Diego.  The conference was great, both inside and outside.  The organizers ordered up some great weather for the Padres game and also for dinner on the flight deck of the Midway Carrier. Our focus here being on graphics, we were all extremely gratified by the presentations in

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What not to miss at PharmaSUG 2014

This year’s conference moves to San Diego, and it’s packed with great learning, networking and fun things to do. I’ve had a small part in the planning, but the bulk of the work is being done by a very hard-working group of volunteers.  If you want to be a part of

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Report from PharmaSUG 2013

The PharmaSUG 2013 conference in Chicago this week was awesome.  From the perspective of graphics, there was great interest in using SG Procedures, Designer and GTL for building clinical graphs.  It was nice to see many papers by users on how they are using these tools for creating graphs on a daily

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Learning … and laughter at PharmaSUG 2013

There’s always plenty to learn at PharmaSUG, which is one reason it draws attendees not only from the US and Canada, but from countries such as Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the UK.  Learning Highlights Technical Keynote Address: "CDISC Standards: Now and To Come" from Wayne

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The wait is killing me!

Once you have submitted your abstract for SAS Global Forum, the wait is on!  It can be very grueling, especially for first time presenters who don’t know the ropes yet. The key is not to second guess yourself or your idea. The wait can be long, weeks or even months,

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Five reasons to see us at PharmaSUG

Between attending presentations and networking, you should make your way to the SAS Bookstore at PharmaSUG. While there are many reasons to add us to your list, here are the top 5: Save money on our books and documentation. We’re offering a special conference discount to PharmaSUG attendees. Talk to a

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Our conference lineup for 2012

Here at SAS Publishing, we’ve started the new year off with a bang, particularly when it comes to conferences. We’re attending a number of new shows in addition to the usual lineup this year. Visit our booth, meet our authors, check out our new and forthcoming titles, and talk with

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Ready, Set, Go!

What have you been up to since SAS Global Forum 2009? For me, among other things, I’ve seen Mt Hood on a clear day while supporting the Pharmaceutical SAS users group (PharmaSUG) meeting in Portland, OR. I’ve managed to get to the local farmer’s market on a weekly basis (the