The wait is killing me!


Once you have submitted your abstract for SAS Global Forum, the wait is on!  It can be very grueling, especially for first time presenters who don’t know the ropes yet. The key is not to second guess yourself or your idea. The wait can be long, weeks or even months, but is well worth it!

Begin developing a demo or example

Staying ahead of the game is always a plus. While waiting to hear from the section chair on paper acceptance, you can start developing a demo or example. A demo gives you the chance to take as many screenshots as needed to supplement your paper and get the idea across better. A live demo during the presentation is also an effective way to share your idea.

What do you do if your SAS Global Forum paper isn't accepted?

Unfortunately, not all papers get accepted for SAS Global Forum. If your paper is not accepted, do not throw it in the trash! Here are a few outlets you could use to share your ideas with the community:

  • User Groups – Submit your paper to a local or regional user group you might be interested in attending. (Even if your paper gets accepted for SAS Global Forum, you can still publish across multiple user groups.) This also gives you a chance to refine your ideas through each presentation. For instance, some user groups are more focused on a particular industry so you could target your paper for that area.
  • Blog – Blogging is a great way to share information with more of a personal touch. Get your idea out through a blog post or series of blog posts that break down your paper. Submit your idea as a guest post to some of the blog authors.
  • YouTube – Share your idea through a video demonstration. You can later use this material in your presentation or poster.
  • SAS Communities – Collaborate with the SAS community through the forums of SAS Communities, which allow you to drive more conversation around your idea.

Call for Papers for SAS Global Forum have ended, but the US Regional season is only a few months away.  Call for Papers for PharmaSUG 2013 ends December 21! 

Don't wait until the last minute to register for SAS Global Forum; register now so that you can get an early-bird discount. This year you can even register for a single-day pass!


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Steve Overton is an independent consultant specializing in SAS Business Intelligence and Data Integration solutions. His company, Overton Technologies, is based out of Raleigh, NC. Steve has presented various concepts at SAS User Group conferences. Please share your feedback!


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  3. I couldn't agree more with publicizing it on blog post if it doesn't get accepted. You submitted that abstract thinking it was a good idea worth sharing. Nothing changed. It's still a good idea worth sharing. Put it out there so people can learn and benefit!

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