Expanding a good thing: SAS Users Groups LinkedIn Group


In August 2011, we expanded the scope of the SAS Global Forum blog and rebranded it as the SAS Users Group blog.   Our goal was to create one vibrant and dynamic spot for content related to SAS users groups and SAS user presentations.  

The result has been terrific!  Many new bloggers have started posting from user events far and wide. This is making the blog more about you, and that is showing in the number of new readers and in the great conversations we have in the comments section. In short, we’d like to think that we’ve created “the spot” for SAS users groups.

Now we’d like to apply this same concept to the SAS Global Forum LinkedIn Group. It’s our goal to make this LinkedIn group “the spot” for SAS users groups.  

  • If you’re already part of the SAS Global Forum LinkedIn group, no action is required – you are now a part of the new SAS Users Groups LinkedIn Group
  • If you aren’t a member, please join. This group will grow just as the blog has through your contributions and feedback.  
  • If you are a member of one or more of the existing SAS users group LinkedIn groups, such as NESUG, IFSUG or WUSS – keep your participation going. Lots of great sharing is happening within these groups. The new SAS Users Group LinkedIn group is intended as a supplement to, and not a replacement for, the many active LinkedIn groups that are already out there.

As social media continues to evolve, we hope that you will embrace our rebranded, centralized “SAS Users Group LinkedIn group.” Come be a part of the growing community of SAS users who are using social media to enhance SAS users group activities and presentations.


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Michael Smith

Marketing Specialist

Michael H. Smith joined SAS in 1988. He has enjoyed working directly with SAS users groups throughout the US since 1995. He currently supports PharmaSUG and other special-interest groups. He has been blogging about SAS users groups since 2009.

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