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What's new for NESUG 2013

As the NorthEast SAS Users Group (NESUG) approaches, I sat down with NESUG volunteer and Executive Committee member Sue Douglass to discuss all the features of this year’s conference and why SAS users can’t wait to register. This year, they’re offering over 125 papers, expanded preconference training sessions and perennial

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PROC ARIMA: Penetrating the matrix

Justin Smith and William “Gui” Zupko were looking at manufacturing data over time and wanted to know the minimum value in their dataset, and they wanted to pinpoint its exact location – the specific row and column. PROC ARIMA uses the ARIMA (auto-regressive integrated moving average) model or the ARMA

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NESUG 2012 Student Scholarship winners

Congratulations to this year's NorthEast SAS Users Group Student Scholarship winners!   Student scholarships make it possible for young professionals to learn new SAS skills, meet other SAS users, hear about innovative new research, and network with other professionals from around the world. Rachel Bray, University of Maryland College Park, is pursuing a

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Happy 25th birthday NESUG!

~  Lisa Pyle and Rob Russell, NESUG 2012 Conference Co-chairs Can you believe it?! In just a few weeks we will all be together at NESUG's 25th conference! We are looking forward to all the presentations and workshops we have planned and to seeing all our old friends and meeting some new ones too.

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Our conference lineup for 2012

Here at SAS Publishing, we’ve started the new year off with a bang, particularly when it comes to conferences. We’re attending a number of new shows in addition to the usual lineup this year. Visit our booth, meet our authors, check out our new and forthcoming titles, and talk with

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What we learned from this year’s conferences

JSM, Miami Beach, FL, July 31–August 3 Miami Beach in August is hot. Ridiculously hot. Almost as hot as our preview copies at this show. Conference goers were extremely excited about a number of our upcoming statistics titles, including Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™, Second Edition, by

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Thanks from NESUG 2011 conference co-chairs

~Contributed by Paul Gorrell and Warren Stinson, Conference Co-Chairs There were 384 attendees from 23 states and 6 countries gathered at the Holiday Inn By The Bay in Portland, Maine for three days to present, discuss, code, blog and tweet, using both familiar and new ways to share SAS expertise.  There

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Modern portfolio theory using SAS® OR

The premise of the modern portfolio theory (MPT), proposed by Harry Markowitz in 1952, is diversity. Murphy Choy says that means you should “never put all of your eggs in the same basket.” According to Choy, the theory was never meant to be used with complex investment products because they

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Upcoming events – get in on the fun!

Users groups and users group events are a great way to get the most from the software that you use every day: learn new coding and analysis techniques, gain efficiencies and productivity, and meet other SAS users. The final months of 2011 will fly by. Don’t let them escape without

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Posters anyone?

Contributed by Sara Jones, CMP, User and Customer Marketing at SAS So many papers, so little time. Looking at the SAS users group conference schedule and deciding what to attend and how to get the very most of your day can be overwhelming -  in a good way of course. So many

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Touching beginning to #NESUG11

My first trip to Portland, Maine, gave me more than I had expected - it was a touching, heartwarming experience that was not what I thought I'd signed up for. Let me explain: While planning my flight and other travel arrangements, I realized that I would arrive in Portland early

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Learn from the past, look to the future

“We must all hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately” —Benjamin Franklin Burlington, Vermont, 14 September—Here I sit in my room in the Burlington Hilton, damp from getting lost in a rainstorm walking around a small college town. I reflect: Why am I watching Monday Night Football instead