Julie Petlick
SAS Student Programs Manager

Julie Petlick works in the SAS Education Division as part of the Global Academic Program team. Julie is responsible for the SAS Student Program and is dedicated to supporting teaching and learning.

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Congratulations 2013 SAS Global Forum Faculty and Student Scholars!

For many SAS users, their first experience using SAS came during college.  Using SAS as part of their coursework and research was how they developed their initial SAS skills. Given that SAS programming is now taught in many high schools across the US, some students are now entering college already equipped with basic SAS skills. Regardless of when you

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Statistics in high school?!

Have you joined in to celebrate the International Year of Statistics? If not, you might be surprised to learn some of the interesting ways being shared for how statistics touches our lives every day.  Statistics is fun! Don't just take my word for it.  This week we are delighted to feature Ruth Ann Chan, a Math and

SAS Events | Students & Educators
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The SAS Student Ambassadors are a select group of student researchers who have been recognized for using SAS technologies in innovative ways that benefit their respective industries and fields of study.  Recently, this extraordinary group of young researchers met and attended the SAS Global Forum Conference in Orlando and presented

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