Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Consolidated reporting for big data


With an exponential growth in transactions, it may be hard to get a clear, single view of customer interactions. ICICI Bank , India's second largest bank, needed a single system that could replace multiple (complex to maintain) reporting systems - enterprise wide. The challenge - finding a solution to handle its growing big data problem that was also flexible and scalable.

The new system needed to provide:

  • Ease of use - information was being delivered manually by the IT team.
  • Growth options - the business wanted a system that would support the business if the growth in users exceeded the planned number.
  • Data integration - an integrated data source would provide better security the bank's current and future big data.

The bank believes its biggest challenge will be to continue innovating to improve market shares and maintain its competitive edge. To meet that challenge, ICICI Bank implemented SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform for faster access to intelligence and faster reporting.

K.V. Kamath, Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank says, "We will continue to benchmark with global best practices to ensure optimum utilization of our resources and the finest exposure to our work force. My vision is to develop ICICI Bank into an organization that is empowered by bright and talented individuals, working in teams and riding on the backbone of world-class technology."

Read the technical case study, An infrastructure for innovation, for the rest of the story.


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