New release of SAS® Enterprise BI Server: Questions from customers


Recently, SAS Talks hosted a webinar to give SAS users an overview of the new features and functions available in the new release of SAS Enterprise BI Server. Rick Styll, BI Global Product Manager at SAS, says that most of the enhancements were prioritized based on customer feedback. I won’t go into all that Rick said – you’ll want to get that from the webinar – but I believe that you may have some of the same questions as viewers of the live version, so I thought I’d try to answer a few here.

Q: ­Will SAS Enterprise BI Server 4.3M2 work with SAS 9.2 M3? ­
A: No, SAS Enterprise BI Server 4.31M2 has a dependency on SAS 9.3M2. It does not work on SAS 9.2M3.

Q: ­Is the BI dashboard part of the SAS Enterprise BI Server software?­
A: Yes. ­Here is a page within our product documentation website that outlines the components of EBI:

Q: Will it work with the other components and, can it be used in a Web portal?­
A: The BI dashboard can be used with our portal, and we can link from the Dashboard to other SAS Enterprise BI components - passing parameters to see appropriate information based on what is selected.  It can also display some content in SharePoint.

Q: ­Is there an administrator’s training class for SAS Enterprise BI Server?­
A: There are definitely training options available. This link is a good starting point.  ­

Watch the webinar to hear what you can expect with the new release. If you have other questions, let me know. I’ll make sure you get an answer. 

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