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Kenneth Sanford 0
Econometric modeling: your questions answered

Several weeks ago, I led a SAS Talks webinar on SAS/ETS emphasizing the many recent changes to the software. SAS/ETS, for those unfamiliar with the product, is SAS’s suite of econometrics, time series and forecasting tools and algorithms. While we covered a substantial amount of material in the talk, there

Gail Baker 0
Top 5 SAS Talks webinars from 2013

It’s hard to believe it is almost February. The office is buzzing with all of the great things coming up in 2014 especially SAS Global Forum in just two months. But before we move too fast, I was thinking about 2013 and what really worked. The SAS Talks technical webinar

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Operators were standing by

Last week I presented a SAS Talks session for SAS programmers using SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3. It was well attended, which pleased me. You never know how it's going to go with a webinar. People register and sign in, but they are at their desks in their offices/cubicles/homes where distractions