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Are you a new SAS user who isn't sure where to begin? Have no fear, because you're not alone. Here at SAS, we often receive questions from people who need help getting started with the software.

Getting Started with SAS is the topic of a SAS Talks session that I will co-host with SAS instructor Stacey Syphus on April 11, 2013 at 1pm ET. Tune in if you can, but don't worry if you can't -- the session will be recorded and available later as part of the SAS Talks series.

The goals of this session are to familiarize you with the content of typical SAS programs, teach you to read SAS log output, and show you how to run and modify programs. You won't become a SAS programming expert by attending this session, but it should provide a good foundation for further study. If you want to find out more, dozens of SAS programming books and training courses are available that cover every aspect of the craft. (And yes, SAS programmers often do regard themselves as craftspeople, of a sort.)

In this session, Stacey and I will cover:

  • a high-level review of SAS, its foundational technologies (including Base SAS) and how it works.
  • the different methods for working with SAS, including the SAS windowing environment and SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • how to determine which SAS approach is best for you.

Also, you'll learn where you can find resources at SAS that are available specifically for SAS beginners (including my SAS for Dummies book, now available in its second edition).

I hope that you'll join Stacey and me for the session. Don't wait to begin getting the most out of SAS.

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