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Chip Wells 0
SAS introduces the blended classroom

We all have different learning styles. Some learn best by seeing and doing; others by listening to lectures in a traditional classroom; still others simply by diving in and asking questions along the way. Traditional face-to-face classroom instruction, real-time classes over the Internet, or self-paced instruction with exercises, SAS Education

Learn SAS
Mark Chia 0
CIMB Data Science Challenge

Similar to hunting for Mewtwo (Pokémon), identifying and recruiting talented data scientists is just as elusive. CIMB decided that the best way would be to bring budding data scientist together for a challenge. This will provide candidates the opportunity to win cash prizes along with potential employment with CIMB’s Decision

Learn SAS
Samantha Rowland 0
How can I learn SAS?

What would come to mind if you were told that you have to attend a SAS training course? Perhaps, you have a vision of an instructor sitting at the front of a classroom, endlessly reading PowerPoint slides verbatim in a monotonous voice while you sit there baffled, wondering what is

Learn SAS
Maggie Miller 0
Let’s celebrate 40 years of SAS users

Let’s go back to 1976 for a moment. Did you know that was the year Muhammad Ali introduced a line of beauty products called “Knock Out?” And the hottest merchandise, including t-shirts, posters and even beanbags sported the character Arthur Fonzarelli (The Fonz) of TV’s “Happy Days.” But there was something

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