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When I travel for work, I want to get the most out of my trip. So while I was in Las Vegas in April for SAS Global Forum, I used my free time to check out what’s in store for the Analytics Experience at the Bellagio, Sept. 12-14. Take a look…

What about you? Are you planning to attend Analytics Experience and want some tips on how to maximize your trip? I would suggest using that time to improve your SAS skills and save money too.

SAS Training

Come early and stay late to attend one of the 15 training courses or workshops. These courses are taught by SAS professionals and are offered at a big discount for conference attendees.

Topics include:

SAS Certification

Ready to test your SAS skills? Arrive early for one of three certification testing events before the conference. You can get certified in any of the 14 credentials offered by SAS.

You can also save on certification tests – 50 percent for all attendees and even bigger discounts for students and academics.

Wouldn’t you rather come home from Las Vegas with a new SAS skill rather than a suntan?

Take advantage of the early-bird registration open until July 29. We’ll see you in Las Vegas this fall.Tips for maximizing your conference experience at #AnalyticsX Sept 12, Las Vegas Click To Tweet


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  1. Maggie is right.
    Get started planning your next SASsy trip today.
    My hint: remember that suntans are temporary but knowledge persist over time!

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