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SAS Energy Game: Serious gaming maakt leren leuk

Inzicht krijgen in de kracht van analytics én leren omgaan met analytische software. En dat terwijl je gewoon een spel speelt. Dat is de SAS Energy Game. Inmiddels hebben al honderden studenten het spel gespeeld en daarmee hun analytische vaardigheden versterkt. Meer mensen kennis laten maken met analytics Data is

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3 benefits of bringing enterprise-level AI to small and medium-sized businesses

From rising operating costs to wage inflation, business leaders are facing challenges on an unprecedented scale. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, this is driving the need for more in-depth data gathering, understanding and insight generation to inform smarter decision making and identify cost-saving opportunities. Some might remember

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Students & Educators
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Innovative higher education analytics projects and influential tech leaders honored by EdScoop

Higher Education has been slow to adopt analytics in comparison to the commercial sector, but those institutions that have embraced a culture of analytics have seen significant and tangible results. Higher Education analytics can help in nearly every corner of academia including enrollment and retention, student success, academic research and

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Inteligência analítica no combate à desinformação e discursos de ódio

Estudos indicam que, ao longo dos últimos anos, aumentaram os casos de propagação de discursos de ódio e de notícias falsas. Especialmente no ano de 2022 há uma preocupação muito grande quanto à utilização desses recursos ilegítimos para finalidades eleitorais. Técnicas analíticas podem ser empregadas para estimular campanhas eleitorais que

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Analyzing demographics and patterns-of-life using SAS Visual Analytics

The IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) Challenge provides a great opportunity to validate our software against real-world scenarios using complex data sets. Not only do we learn from these projects, but we also send feedback to our development teams to further improve product capabilities for customers.

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The Deliveroo Effect on Insurance

Customer acquisition and retention primarily fall on sales and marketing teams. But every department within an insurance company has a role to play in these activities. Claims handling is a great example. Any insurer's performance at this emotionally charged time is their litmus test. It can determine whether customers renew

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SAS Viya, transformar los datos en insights para tomar mejores decisiones

Las organizaciones están bastante conscientes de que las cosas pueden cambiar radicalmente en cuestión de semanas. La experiencia de los dos últimos años les ha hecho reconocer la necesidad de tener la capacidad de tomar decisiones inteligentes a partir de datos confiables que puedan llevar a resultados positivos.   En este

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Por qué los programas en ciencia de datos son un éxito

Hace unas semanas, anunciamos el convenio de colaboración entre el SAS Institute y la Universidad Europea con el objetivo de formar perfiles analíticos gracias a nuestras certificaciones SAS para docencia. En particular, los estudiantes del Doble Grado en Business Analytics + Administración y Dirección de Empresas, así como de los

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Life sciences: now is the time to embrace analytics in the cloud

Research, supply chain, manufacturing, and sales increasingly depend on partnerships in a digital ecosystem. Cloud-based analytics makes it possible to collaborate intelligently at scale. For years, life sciences companies have been justifiably cautious about moving their data science functions into the cloud. Although the industry’s central purpose is to accelerate

Data Visualization
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Three trends that expand the reach of analytics & BI insights

Data visualization is a critical way for anyone to turn endless rows of data into easy-to-understand results through dynamic and understandable visuals. Whether your favorite visualization is a pie chart, a geographic map, or relies on natural language, showing the insights that empower you to make more informed decisions is a better way to do data-driven business. Analyst firms say that SAS has market-leading data visualization. This helps users across the globe find insights in their data using new and exciting trends in data visualization.

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Prise de décision partagée et transformation personnelle sur le parcours de la Business Value de l'analytique

On s'accorde de plus en plus à dire que presque toutes les entreprises devront recourir davantage à l'analyse. L'utilisation des données n'est plus un luxe, mais une méthode de travail essentielle. C'est un facteur d'efficience, d'efficacité et de centrage sur le client. Pour ceux d'entre nous qui travaillent dans le

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