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What do identity thieves covet the most?

Recently nine pharmacists from across the country were charged for their part in a $12.1M health care fraud scheme. The pharmacists allegedly took money for prescription medications that were neither purchased nor dispensed. The indictments further allege that the defendants billed Medicare and Medicaid for medications that were often medically unnecessary and for some medications that were purportedly dispensed to

Analytics | Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Fighting bribery and corruption with supplier integrity

Bribery and corruption continue to plague governments and organizations around the world. Brazil’s Operation Car Wash, the 1MDB scandal in Malaysia, the FIFA bribery case and many others continue to make headlines. The prevalence of widespread, coordinated corruption and bribery is alarming and seems to continue to grow, despite ongoing sanctions and fines meant to deter these

Analytics | Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Adding insult to injury: Workplace safety and fraud

If a cinderblock falls from the 4th floor of a building and crushes a construction worker’s foot, it’s terrible. If it lands on his head, it’s truly tragic. But the difference is sheer luck.  Every employee deserves to return home safely from work. Unfortunately, accidents happen, which is why employers must carry mandatory workers’ compensation

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Eureko Sigorta Data Studio Lideri Özlem Odar: “Veri ve analitik projelerin çevik yöntemlerle uygulanmasını ve hızlı sonuçlar üretilmesini amaçlıyoruz”

Sanal etkinliğimiz Beyond Tomorrow öncesinde Eureko Sigorta’nın Data Studio Lideri Özlem Odar ile görüşme imkanı buldum. Hepimizin bildiği gibi Türkiye'nin öncü sigorta firmaları arasında yer alan Eureko Sigorta, hasar yönetimi ve risk değerlendirme konusundaki uzmanlığı ile alanında lider konumda olan uluslararası bir yapıya sahip. Avrupa'nın 6 ülkesinde 22.000 çalışanıyla dünyanın

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence
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OpenGate platform helps air transport towards the new normal

SAS, uqudo and iLabs Technologies started a collaboration in OpenGate for touchless and safe travel. OpenGate, based on open source technology and open standards, offers a seamless, automated travel solution based on a reliable platform and technical solution. It enables sharing personal, health and location information between border control, air

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Sanitize before you share: thinking critically about COVID-19 data

Being overwhelmed by the volume of news isn’t a new phenomenon. But today, our sense of being overwhelmed has increased and triggered feelings of fear, frustration and anxiety, given the ongoing developments and research tied to COVID-19. How do we sift through the volume of information facing us and truly understand whether the news we consume is factual or based on

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Help jij Notilyze aan een Computable Award?

Misschien heb je het al gehoord: SAS partner Notilyze is genomineerd voor de Computable Awards 2020 in de categorie Services! Met deze prijzen erkent het vakblad Computable bedrijven, projecten en personen die zich het afgelopen jaar hebben onderscheiden in de ICT. SAS is trots dat Notilyze is genomineerd, en het

Analytics | Data for Good
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Mental health and criminal justice connections studied in innovative California program

Getting people with mental health conditions the help they need is a top priority for many Californians, according to a recent California Health Care Foundation report. In 2004, Golden State voters approved the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). Enacted into law in January 2005, MHSA has generated approximately $15 billion

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Time Series Modeling: R & SAS

Como integrar modelos hierárquicos de séries temporais desenvolvidos em R ao SAS Visual Forecasting analisando as diferentes estratégias? O objetivo deste artigo é apresentar como podemos executar modelos de séries temporais, que foram desenvolvidos no R, no SAS Visual Forecasting, podendo, assim, paralelizar e acelerar o processamento do código R.

Advanced Analytics | Analytics | Artificial Intelligence
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+1 ακόμα must have στην καλοκαιρινή λίστα των διακοπών σας!

Αν θέλετε να «σπάσετε» την καλοκαιρινή μονοτονία🙂 ανάμεσα στις θαλάσσιες βουτιές, το χταποδάκι στην ταβέρνα και την χαλάρωση από το διάβασμα ενός βιβλίου, σας έχω μια καλή πρόταση! Εάν δεν καταφέρατε να είστε ένας από τους χιλιάδες επαγγελματίες στον τομέα των analytics που συμμετείχαν από 56 χώρες και παρακολούθησαν το

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