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Analítica e Inteligencia Artificial: armas secretas para ser campeón del Tour de Francia

Por primera vez, Latinoamérica tiene un campeón del Tour de Francia. Se llama Egan Bernal, es colombiano y según los especialistas, se trata de un deportista prodigio que apenas empieza a construir una gran historia. Y es que, a sus 22 años, Egan es el cuarto ciclista más joven en

Work & Life at SAS
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Experts Help You Choose A School

Each week in August, the Work/Life Team has invited a psychologist, an educational consultant, and a school administrator to address questions about how to choose a school. For our first blogpost in this series, we have invited our experts to address the following question… When thinking about school choice what

Work & Life at SAS
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35 (not an Adele album)

In July 1984 I was a public health nurse assigned to Willow Spring, Holly Springs and Fuquay, bustling between three public schools, home health visits, and a clinic on Fuquay Avenue that shared space with the local DMV office—a small white frame house divided in half to provide two essential

Work & Life at SAS
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Our Storytellers: Keith Teo

If you're curious what makes SAS a great workplace, one answer always rises to the top - our people. It's no secret that the people who work here are some of the best and brightest - not to mention the most passionate, accountable, authentic and curious people you'll ever meet. And at SAS, Your

Work & Life at SAS
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The Art of Simplicity

A cup of dark roast coffee, sunrise porch time, fresh sheets, a garden tomato, the smell of a new book, a glass of red fireside.....These are a few of my favorite things.  All so simple, yet they bring me so much joy. Henry David Thoreau author, naturalist, philosopher, was born

Work & Life at SAS
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Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning is a process that identifies the financial, legal, and lifetime needs for you, your family and your loved one. It doesn't end with the identification of necessary financial tools and legal documents, but also includes the action steps that you need to take to ensure a bright future

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