Work & Life at SAS

Learn about SAS company culture, what we do and why it matters

Work & Life at SAS
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Our SAS Culture Code

Assessing a company from the outside can be tricky business – but it shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re kicking off a series to pull back the curtain on the #saslife. From our values to our vision and (almost) everything in between, we’re giving a transparent look at what it’s really like to

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Los beneficios de crear una cultura analítica en una organización

“Una red mundial de sensores conectados mediante tecnología inalámbrica a computadoras que analizan los datos, dará a las empresas de todo el mundo una mayor cantidad de información y visibilidad sobre cómo funcionan las personas, los dispositivos y los sistemas”. De todas las definiciones que uno puede encontrar y que

Work & Life at SAS
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Our Storytellers: Tom La

At SAS, where you start doesn’t have to be where you end, and opportunity for internal mobility abounds. Perhaps no one can attest to this more than Tom La! Meet Tom Tom has reinvented his career time and time again, touching nearly every part of the customer and product lifecycle

Analytics | Data for Good | Work & Life at SAS
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4 ways SAS is driving diversity, equity and inclusion with HBCUs

SAS' multidimensional culture blends our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives from employees in 59 countries worldwide. We want everyone to feel confident expressing their ideas and know they will be respected for their unique contributions and abilities. At SAS, it’s not about fitting into our culture; it’s about adding to

Work & Life at SAS
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The SAS Intern Experience

It was the summer of ’22. And in the words of Taylor Swift, “I remember it all too well” (Taylor’s version, of course). From mentoring opportunities, networking with top leaders and other interns, exploring our culture that promotes well-being and work-life integration to having meaningful work to gain real world

Work & Life at SAS
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The Forest and the Trees

Trees have been a source of awe my entire life. My grandparent’s house was an easy walk through the forest.  I loved long visits with them and regularly enjoyed my grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies 😊.  So, of course, I walked amongst the trees daily.  My love for the hiking

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