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Analítica e Inteligencia Artificial: armas secretas para ser campeón del Tour de Francia

Por primera vez, Latinoamérica tiene un campeón del Tour de Francia. Se llama Egan Bernal, es colombiano y según los especialistas, se trata de un deportista prodigio que apenas empieza a construir una gran historia. Y es que, a sus 22 años, Egan es el cuarto ciclista más joven en

Work & Life at SAS
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Experts Help You Choose A School

Each week in August, the Work/Life Team has invited a psychologist, an educational consultant, and a school administrator to address questions about how to choose a school. For our first blogpost in this series, we have invited our experts to address the following question… When thinking about school choice what

Work & Life at SAS
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35 (not an Adele album)

In July 1984 I was a public health nurse assigned to Willow Spring, Holly Springs and Fuquay, bustling between three public schools, home health visits, and a clinic on Fuquay Avenue that shared space with the local DMV office—a small white frame house divided in half to provide two essential

Work & Life at SAS
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Our Storytellers: Keith Teo

If you're curious what makes SAS a great workplace, one answer always rises to the top - our people. It's no secret that the people who work here are some of the best and brightest - not to mention the most passionate, accountable, authentic and curious people you'll ever meet. And at SAS, Your

Work & Life at SAS
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The Art of Simplicity

A cup of dark roast coffee, sunrise porch time, fresh sheets, a garden tomato, the smell of a new book, a glass of red fireside.....These are a few of my favorite things.  All so simple, yet they bring me so much joy. Henry David Thoreau author, naturalist, philosopher, was born

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