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Work & Life at SAS
Kim Andreaus 0
Am I a Caregiver?

We are excited to announce a new Work/Life class offering: “Powerful Tools for Caregivers”. You might be thinking “This sounds great, but I’m not sure if it really applies to me – I’m not really a caregiver, I just do ……………. for (my wife, my husband, my mom, my dad, etc)

Work & Life at SAS
Lisa Allred 0
New Year Intentions

Happy New Year from your Work/Life Team! Lisa here.  I don’t really do “resolutions” in January, but I have set an “intention” before and loved the way I was able to focus my thoughts and behaviors around it.  Part of why an intention works better than resolutions for me is

Work & Life at SAS
Page Cvelich 0
College Students Home for the Holidays

Welcome back from your Thanksgiving holiday break! I have to ask. Was your time with your returning college student as wonderful as you thought it would be? Chances are there were at least some brief moments of disappointment. You thought you’d have more time together…and, yet, your student spent more

Work & Life at SAS
Katie Seavey Pegoraro 0
Lessons from Danny

My family dog Danny barks at everything...constantly. Knowing this makes the following story even more remarkable: My Dad and Danny were in the backyard when a possum approached from the other side of the fence. Once he caught Danny's attention, rather than running away, the possum continued to approach. Face to face with

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