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Work & Life at SAS
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Reboot Your Resume

When was the last time you updated your resume? If it’s been… awhile (no shame!), making updates may feel daunting. Even if you’re happy in your current role, it’s always a good idea to have an updated resume. After all, you never know when an awesome internal or other opportunity

Work & Life at SAS
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Where? In a chair

If you are like me, you spend most of your day sitting.  The average adult in the US spends 8-12 hours of their day sitting.  Whether you are sitting because your work requires it or you have reduced mobility due to an injury or condition, you can improve overall fitness

Work & Life at SAS
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The Playlist

This weekend I was in the car with my son and his spouse, and they were listening to one of their new favorite bands.  When they got to a song I liked, I asked my son to add it to my playlist.  His spouse had never heard of this playlist

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SAS realizará inversión de US$1,000 millones para desarrollo de soluciones de Inteligencia Artificial

SAS, líder en analítica, invertirá US$1,000 millones de dólares durante los próximos tres años para el desarrollo de soluciones analíticas avanzadas. Así lo anunció en el marco del evento SAS Innovate 2023, donde explicó que estos fondos se enfocarán en soluciones para necesidades específicas en industrias como la banca, gobierno,

Work & Life at SAS
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Guilt vs. Regret

For several years Kim Andreaus and I have taught Powerful Tools for Caregivers, an evidence-based program that teaches skills for self-care and stress management. One of the lessons from the class that always resonates with me is the concept of guilt versus regret. Guilt is shame-based and implies there was

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Las claves para tener más mujeres WOW, líderes e innovadoras en Latinoamérica

Mujeres como la Viceministra de Transformación Digital de Colombia, Nohora Mercado; la presidenta de Aval Digital Labs, Ana Margarita Albir; la COO de Banco Pichincha en Ecuador, Lorena Moya; y Silvina Arce Gil, del Grupo Falabella Chile; fueron algunas de las invitadas especiales que este año nos acompañaron en SAS

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