Katie Seavey Pegoraro
Sr Associate Work Life Program Manager

Katie Seavey Pegoraro supports employees with issues of stress and balance, providing tools and resources to cope when life feels overwhelming. Katie is a contact for those who may be coping with issues of mental health, substance use, or grief and loss. A young professional herself, Katie is a unique support to employees who are navigating the many life transitions that occur in your 20's and 30's.

Work & Life at SAS
Bit by Bit

In the US we are seeing rapid changes related to COVID-19 cases, the ending of mask requirements and messages of “a return to normal”. I want to be sensitive to the fact that not all parts of the US or the world are seeing improvements and in some places the

Work & Life at SAS
In Response to Recent Events: A message from the Work/Life Center

A message from the Work/Life Center: It is not surprising that the SAS community is deeply moved and troubled by the recent examples of racism that reflect larger systemic problems in our nation. Work/Life wants to respond to your requests for ideas about supporting colleagues and taking action in your community. We understand the urge to act and will provide suggestions in our

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