It's Been a Long Year


These days I'm hearing from people who are feeling out of place. Of course they want a world without COVID-19 and for life to feel like it used to. But as others make future plans and celebrate the potential return to "normal", they are feeling hesitant or more uncomfortable than usual.

This is a justified response for many reasons:

  • For one, the pandemic isn't going to end abruptly on one specific day or with one event. Uncertainty continues.
  • Our brains first and foremost look to protect us from danger. For the last year we have viewed interacting with others as a potential threat to our safety. It isn't easy to just turn that off.
  • People have experienced so many distressing events and situations this year. With any loss or distressing event, we do not just flip a switch and return to "life as normal". Because we still live in a time of uncertainty, some us may not have even begun to fully process our emotions. We may find that as things finally do feel safe, only then will the weight of our experiences of the last year come into full view.

There is no right or wrong way to feel right now. It's ok if how you feel about the world changes from day to day. It's ok to have both hope and hesitation. Conflicting thoughts and feelings can both be true at the same time.

In the last year, Work/Life has been trying to compress the wealth of information and resources about coping and COVID-19 into more digestable bites. Here below in one place are all of the posts related to coping that were shared this year.

Work/Life is here to support SAS employees and their families throughout the uncertainties and those times when you think you are the only one. You deserve support and we're here to connect you with that support.


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Katie Seavey Pegoraro supports employees with issues of stress and balance, providing tools and resources to cope when life feels overwhelming. Katie is a contact for those who may be coping with issues of mental health, substance use, or grief and loss. A young professional herself, Katie is a unique support to employees who are navigating the many life transitions that occur in your 20's and 30's.

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