Alcohol use during the pandemic


Each of us has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in a myriad of ways. In March we dove deep, headfirst, into a number of emotions and a new way of life that is ever-evolving.

Some people may find they are drinking more in one night or more days of the week than they used to before the pandemic. I was joined by Dr. Aisha Al-Qimlass, therapist at Creasman Counseling, who shared helpful insights of things to consider regarding alcohol use and coping during this time. You can view the recording using this link.

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"In the scope of self-care, you don't want to always do distracting things."

In the video, alcohol use is discussed as a way of coping by providing a distraction. If you are looking for alternative ideas for self-care here are a few online resources.

From SELF: 5 Art Therapy Exercises to Add to Your Self-Care Routine

From Greater Good Science Center: 36 Questions for Increasing Closeness

From Today: How to Find Time Alone at Home

From ADDitude: 12 Meditation Apps & Tools for Lifting Pandemic Anxiety

From MHA and Shine: Take a Break - Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety Tool Kit

For couples: Gottman Card Deck App

For some, filling up their favorite glass with a special drink is a ritual that may bring a sense of comfort. I reached out to SAS's Nutritionists for recommendations of easy non-alcoholic drinks that aren't just water. Here are some ideas to try.

Resources for Substance Use Disorders

Mental Health America: Where to get help

Shatterproof COVID-19 Resources

SAMHSA Treatment Finder



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