From Service to Software: Sean's Story


From Service to Software, and Back Again 

At SAS, he’s known as “DJ Mobelizer” or “The DJ”, but the man behind the music at SAS events, is none other than Sean Mobley, SAS Software Development Engineer in Test, and Captain in the US Army Reserve. This is Sean’s story about his journey to and within SAS, as well as his commitment to military service.  

On deployment in the Middle East
On deployment in the Middle East

Software and Service are in his DNA 

Sean’s desire to serve in the military and his passion for technology run in his family. He grew up in a bilingual home in Germany where his father was stationed while in the US Army. Sean watched his dad tinker with computers and instantly fell in love with technology himself. He learned how to build a computer and install Windows 95 from his dad. At the age of ten, he remembers his uncle telling him that computer scientists were prestigious, like astronauts; from that point on, he knew he was going to study Computer Science. Because who doesn’t think being like an astronaut is cool? In high school, Sean’s family relocated to Fort Liberty, North Carolina. He pursued an associate’s degree at Fayetteville Technical Community College, before attending Fayetteville State University and, you guessed it… studied Computer Science! Throughout college, he followed his passion and built his technical skills through internships and various jobs, including working at the Geek Squad.  

Call to Serve  

Growing up around military culture, Sean always knew he wanted to enlist, but wasn’t sure how to combine his love for technology with his passion to serve. His internship experiences in tech solidified his desire to be a software developer. In 2012, he landed his first job with the FAA working on software projects involving unmanned aircraft systems and automatic dependent surveillance. Two years later, a job opportunity brought him back home to North Carolina when the call to serve became too deep to ignore. While working as a software developer, Sean enlisted in the North Carolina Army National Guard as a Field Artillery Officer in 2014. Joining the military was not only about answering the call to serve his country but expanding his worldview. He wanted to gain experience and knowledge that would shape him as a person and as a leader.

Captain Mobley, Company Commander, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 206th Regional Support Group receives guidon from Group Commander, Colonel Santiago, 206th Regional Support Group.
Captain Mobley, Company Commander, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 206th Regional Support Group receives guidon from Group Commander, Colonel Santiago, 206th Regional Support Group.

Call to SAS 

In 2016, Sean went to a career fair at the North Carolina Joint Forces Headquarters in Raleigh, NC because he heard that SAS would be in attendance. He recalled one of his college professors speaking highly of the company, so he wanted to check them out and explore their career opportunities. The recruiters were impressed with his technical skills and background; soon after interviewing, he was offered a position as a Systems Developer, building and maintaining analytics solutions for customers. Sean knew SAS had a strong culture for supporting service members, but was a bit concerned about starting a new job and fulfilling his military commitments. As fate would have it, his manager had experience working with and supporting service members and veterans, reinforcing Sean’s confidence that he made the right choice.  

Balancing work, life, and the military 

Over the next few years, Sean attended several military trainings followed by a deployment to the Middle East in 2020. The pandemic in combination with current events in the region at the time, created a heightened sense of alert. Throughout the monotony and uncertainty, it helped to know his family, friends and colleagues were thinking of him back home. He was surprised to receive a care package from his SAS team, full of company swag and goodies to remind him of home and that his team was supporting him from afar. 

Getting the year started with DJ Mobelizer DJ'ing 2023 SAS Company Kickoff.
Getting the year started with DJ Mobelizer DJ'ing 2023 SAS Company Kickoff.

When Sean returned from his deployment, he decided to pursue a new opportunity within SAS as a Software Development Engineer in Test. Not long after, he was promoted for his contributions and skills! Furthermore, in 2023 Sean was selected to take on an expanded leadership role in the Army as Company Commander. In this capacity, he serves a unit of over 100 soldiers, who provide command and control for two battalions and more than a dozen detachments, servicing over 2,000 people. Sean empowers and enables the teams to meet their goals and adapt to changing circumstances, while strengthening trust and cohesion. In addition, he is actively involved with soldier welfare. He puts these leadership skills to work at SAS, as well.

Sean and his wife, Jess, enjoying a glass of red when off the clock
Sean and his wife, Jess, enjoying a glass of red when off the clock

Sean is the definition of a lifelong learner and a servant leader. He is pursuing a master’s degree in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology to sharpen his technical skills. He continues to give back outside of his formal job responsibilities at SAS as one of the leaders of the SAS Military Network (VETS), a mentor to SAS United in STEM interns, and was recently selected to be an ambassador for SAS’ (data) Ethics Circles program championing responsible innovation. Recently, Sean began volunteering as a counselor for Camp Celebrate, a program for children ages 7-15 who have survived burn injuries.   Outside of leading teams and testing software code, Sean enjoys DJ’ing. His colleagues caught wind and now his artistic skills are in high demand! From Company Kickoff to Blacks in Tech to our World Headquarters end of year party, Sean is spinning up the tunes and making any event more fun!

Last year, Sean embarked on an exciting new journey and got the best title yet – husband! He popped the question to his best friend and biggest cheerleader, Jessica, and married her beneath a waterfall in Bali! They recently added another four-legged addition to the Mobley family, a King Charles Cavalier puppy named Whiskey Moon to pester big sister, Daisy, the husky mix. 

SAS’ support of the military

SAS recognizes and appreciates the skills that service members, veterans and military families bring to the workforce. With nearly 200 Veteran employees, SAS supports its military-affiliated employees all year long by providing paid (compensation and benefits) military leave, well-being benefits, and a platform to connect with employees connected with the military, whether they are a veteran, military spouse, in the guard or reserves, or a proud supporter. Learn more about SAS military initiatives 

Thank you, Sean, for your service to our country and all you do for SAS! 

SAS Military Network members and SkillBridge fellows
SAS Military Network members and SkillBridge fellows

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    • No, you are, Franklin! I appreciate your support! I'm intrigued and inspired for the things you do as an industry expert in your field.

  1. Enjoyed reading your story, Sean. Sounds like you have an amazing amount of mental and pysical energy and its awesome you are using it for good in so many ways, reaching alot of people. We need more people like you in our world. Congratulations on your engagement too!

    • Thanks, Jane!
      I really appreciate your thoughtful message. You've captured a key aspect of my journey—it's indeed a delicate balance between doing too much and feeling like I'm not doing enough. The drive to do more is always there, but I've learned the importance of finding a sustainable blend of energy and time management. It's a constant work in progress, and I'm fortunate to have a fantastic support network. Whether it's my coworkers, friends, mentors, an amazing spouse, or the great leadership both inside and outside of SAS, they all play a crucial role in making everything possible. All in all, the intrinsic value in what I do makes it easy to commit to something greater than myself. Thanks again for your encouraging words and support!

    • Thanks, Mark! I'm very grateful that I was able to share it with all of you. And l'm definitely looking forward to playing some more tunes at company events!

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