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SAS has supported customers in confronting society’s most important challenges for nearly half a century. Today, law enforcement agencies fight against one of the most critical and tragic challenges: child exploitation. It’s a global problem, largely facilitated by the internet. Thankfully, that activity can be found in the data. The difficulty is finding this activity in the flood of data. It can often be more data than even dedicated investigators can process without the help of analytics.

SAS has created a child sexual exploitation (CSE) investigation tool for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies worldwide. It will help investigators pore through data from websites, chat rooms, case files and more to find exploitative activity and prioritize cases. Additionally, it will reduce investigators' exposure to the disturbing content they must pore through.

At SAS, employees explore new applications of technology, guided by their passion and desire to improve the world. The team that developed the CSE solution includes former investigators, data scientists and other experts. But, perhaps more vitally, it’s mostly made up of mothers who worked across the globe to confront this plague on society. Early agency feedback is extremely positive, and use cases show dramatic improvements in identifying exploitative behavior and the individuals responsible.


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Ellen Joyner-Roberson, CFE

Global Marketing Advisor

Ellen Joyner-Roberson, CFE, is Global Marketing Advisor at SAS where she defines industry strategy and messaging for the global fraud and security markets in banking, insurance, health care and government. With more than thirty years of experience in information technology, she helps clients capitalize on the power of analytics to combat fraud and keep the public safe. This includes bringing greater awareness of how to apply machine learning and AI to detect evolving fraud tactics, while realizing ROI in technology investments. In addition, she consults with clients to reduce fraud losses and mitigate risk across their enterprise. Joyner-Roberson graduated from Sweet Brier College with a degree in Math and Computer Science. Most recently, Ellen has brought to market our Intelligence and Law Enforcement solution called SAS® Intelligence and Investigation Management and a cross industry solution focused on procurement integrity.

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  1. Love this and love how many women are involved in getting it right and getting it to market @ashleybeck is doing a marvellous job rallying the troops - #gogirls 🙂

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