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There’s something about the air fryer that makes food more cravable. If you have the space to leave an air fryer out on the countertop, chances are you’ll use it all the time. Here are a few of my favorite convenient ways to use mine.

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Asparagus, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are three of my favorite vegetables to air fry after tossing with avocado oil and my favorite seasonings. And if you think you don’t like beets, these beet chips will change your mind.


Don’t judge me, but I may never cook steak another way again. This air fryer steak seems to come out perfectly every time. These pork chops are also a family favorite. And don’t forget about fish — salmon in the air fryer is also a cinch.

Don’t like the texture of tofu? Air frying tofu on a low heat for a long time gets rid of the squish. After cubing a block of tofu, wrapping it in a clean dish towel and pressing it under a cast iron skillet for 10-15 minutes, marinate with liquid aminos or soy sauce, fresh grated ginger, minced garlic and a dash of toasted sesame oil. Then put it in the air fryer on 180°F for an hour or so. Crank it up to 370°F for the last 10 minutes and enjoy a firmer, crispier texture. It may seem like a lot of work the first time, but soon you’ll be making this cravable crispy tofu on autopilot.


Crunchy chickpeas are a fiber-packed snack with a nice dose of protein, and you can use the same method with any type of canned bean. My favorite way to season them is with loads of paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper and a dash of salt.

Disappointed by a mealy batch of apples? Don’t toss them…air fry them into chips!

There are endless possibilities for cooking up some goodness in the air fryer.

What’s your favorite food to air fry?


Air Fryer Cauliflower

Makes 4 servings 

1 head fresh cauliflower cut into florets or a 16 oz. bag frozen cauliflower
1 Tbsp avocado oil
½ tsp turmeric
¼ tsp black pepper
dash of cumin
dash of cayenne (optional)
salt, to taste


  1. Preheat air fryer to 370°F (or 190°C).
  2. Put cauliflower florets in the air fryer, drizzle with oil and add seasonings. Use tongs to toss ingredients together until florets are well coated.
  3. Roast in air fryer for 15-20 minutes, tossing/flipping at least once after 10 minutes.


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