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Winter (break) is coming! It’s been a long semester and you’re about to get the greenlight to eat way too much food, enjoy time with loved ones, exchange gifts and put off the real world until January 1st. THEN, we look to transform our lethargic selves by clicking on articles like:

25 steps to a new you in the new year!
16 ways to get ahead after graduation.
How to make your habits stick in 2019.

The truth is that there is no easy button for landing the career and lifestyle you want after graduation. Reading a 5-minute article won’t help you transform your career prospects, but earning a professional certification will. That’s why SAS is launching the SAS Student Series which bundles thousands of dollars’ worth of training and certification materials into an affordable package for university students and recent graduates.

With dates scheduled across multiple cities during winter break, the Student Series includes instructor-led training, certification preparation, mentoring and a certification exam for $95 (less than the regular price for an exam).

During our winter sessions, you have a choice of two programs:

SAS Student Series: SAS Programming is designed for those interested in writing SAS code and becoming a certified SAS programmer. The offering includes SAS Programming 1: Essentials and SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques as well as certification preparation and certification exam.  Learn more and register.

SAS Student Series: Machine Learning is for students that are interested in earning a certification in machine learning. The program includes Supervised Machine Learning Pipelines Using SAS Viya as well as certification preparation and certification exam. Learn more and register.
Both programs are designed specifically for students to earn certifications that are in high-demand in today’s job market. While this isn’t an easy button, it is a way to transform your resume in a week or less while leaving plenty of time for cookies and much deserved relaxation.


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Mike Janes

Marketing Specialist

Hi, I'm Mike Janes. I'm going on my 10th year here at SAS. I worked as a project manager and technical support engineer before joining the Education and Training division in my current role as a marketing specialist. I owe a lot to SAS Education and the numerous courses that I've taken over the years. I went from not knowing what the acronym 'OS' meant in my first job interview (missed out on that opportunity) to now manipulating data and creating reports using SAS. When I'm not writing code or blogs, I enjoy spending time with my wife, our two daughters and two dogs.


  1. Chukwuma Onyemelukwe on

    Hi Mike, after this SAS student series for winter, when is the next opportunity for the student series? I won't be around this dec 17th to 21st. So, i want to verify the next period, that i may get prepared when the times comes.


    • Mike Janes

      Hi Chuks,

      We will be offering more dates for the Student Series next summer. I will add a link to the summer dates to this thread once they are available for registration early next year.



  2. If you are unable to make the classroom training can you pay and just get access to the e-learning, course notes and prep materials?

    • Mike Janes

      Hi Aaron,

      Thank you for reaching out. Yes, while we wish you could attend the course in person, you will still have access to the other materials if you are unable to make it to class. Please note that the Programming offering is the only one with e-Learning included so I wouldn't recommend registering for Machine Learning unless you are able to attend the class.



    • Mike Janes

      Hi Marcus,

      Good question! Here is what the schedule will look like for the SAS Programming offering:

      Monday - SAS Programming 1: Essentials
      Tuesday - SAS Programming 1: Essentials
      Wednesday - SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques
      Thursday - SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques
      Friday - Certification Preparation and Certification Exam.

      Classes will run from 9AM-5PM local time.



      • Hello. I have another question. So is it possible I can take the exam on any other exam dates? Or is it mandatory to take it on the last day?

        • Mike Janes

          Hi Marcus,

          You will receive an exam voucher as part of the program so you can take it at a later date if needed. However, I would encourage you to take it on the final day when the material is still fresh in your mind. I know this from personal experience :).



  3. Hi Mike,

    Is the student series for undergraduates/undergrads that graduated in 2018 OR also for graduate (Masters/PhD) students.


  4. Hi Mike,

    This looks very cool! I am very excited about this opportunity.

    Can you provide some clarity on these items:

    -Does this include the e-learning class for SAS Programming 1: Essentials and SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation that is valid for 180 days?
    -Does it include the SAS Base certification?
    -Does it include any books or additional study material?
    -How long do we have access to a mentor?



    • Mike Janes

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you posting! Here are answers to your questions:

      - Yes, you receive access to both the e-Learning offerings for 180 days.
      - Yes, the exam is included.
      - You will receive digital versions of the course notes and preparation materials.
      - The mentoring portion is designed to guide you through the exam preparation and to answer individual questions throughout the program. Our instructors also provide their contact information in case you have any questions after program.



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