Mike Janes
Marketing Specialist

Hi, I'm Mike Janes. I'm going on my 10th year here at SAS. I worked as a project manager and technical support engineer before joining the Education and Training division in my current role as a marketing specialist. I owe a lot to SAS Education and the numerous courses that I've taken over the years. I went from not knowing what the acronym 'OS' meant in my first job interview (missed out on that opportunity) to now manipulating data and creating reports using SAS. When I'm not writing code or blogs, I enjoy spending time with my wife, our two daughters and two dogs.

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Analytical problem solving with Carlos

Carlos Pinheiro is talented. One afternoon Carlos stood in front of a group of marketers including myself, and shared social network analysis using our data.  Yes, the analysis took talent, but the real brilliance was that Carlos presented the information in a way where we all left the meeting with