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What's wrong with this code?

Whether you enjoy debugging or hate it, for programmers, debugging is a fact of life. It’s easy to misspell a keyword, scramble your array subscripts, or (heaven forbid!) forget a semicolon. That’s why we include a chapter on debugging in The Little SAS® Book and its companion book, Exercises and

Advanced Analytics | Data Visualization | Programming Tips
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Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery – Using Python and REST APIs for SAS Visual Analytics reports

With increasing interest in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), many SAS Users want to know what can be done for Visual Analytics reports. In this article, I will explain how to use Python and SAS Viya REST APIs to extract a report from a SAS Viya environment and import it into another environment.

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Encore! Encore! The SAS Training Roadshow continues

Program update for 2013! The SAS Training Roadshow is back on tour. This year, we’re heading out to six rockin’ cities. We’d love to see you there. Cleveland - St. Louis – Portland - San Jose - Indianapolis - Las Vegas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In my previous post, I revealed my top

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