SAS tutorial: Print a simple listing with SAS


In this tutorial video, you will learn to print a simple listing with Base SAS.

You see how to write a PRINT procedure step to display a SAS data set. You also see how to use statements and options to subset observations and variables and enhance the report.


Learn more about the topic in this video in SAS Programming 1: Essentials course.

For more free video tips on programming and analytics functions, visit SAS Tutorials.


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  1. Rick Wicklin

    "Print a simple listing"?? The video is fine, but I think you could choose a more descriptive title, such as "Print observations and variables." I suspect that people who are doing an internet search for this topic won't use "listing" in their query. In modern SAS usage, "listing" refers to an ODS destination. Your example uses the HTML destination, which is the default ODS destination since SAS 9.3.

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